Race recap: Brooklyn Half

I was not looking forward to this race. I started to regret signing up for it a couple weeks before, as you could maybe tell from my post about training. The week of the race I’d been sick most of the week, and the night before I was on the verge of talking myself out of it. When I’d almost convinced myself to turn off my alarm and put away my race clothes, Ryan commented, “you’re going to be disappointed with yourself if you don’t do it.” UGH, why do you have to say true things?!!

So I laid out my clothes and set my alarm and mentally prepared to run/walk my first half marathon in a year.

I don’t know if everyone saw the article that was going around about the lady who pumped while running a half, but breastmilk is a real concern anytime you’re leaving your baby for hours if you’re breastfeeding. I’m not bad-ass enough (or coordinated enough) to pump while running, but I debated bringing my hand pump and pumping before the start. Luckily, I dont suffer from oversupply (which would make it really painful for me to go too long without pumping),  so I just nursed right before I left and then booked it home right after I finished. I never would have thought of this stuff before having my baby. I can only imagine what I’d have to do if I was running the full marathon this year.

Pre-race, post-nursing selfie!

My race plan was to start at the 30/30second run/walk that I’d been training on for the first couple miles and then pick it up a little to 1 min run/30second walk for the middle,  and if I had steam go up to a 1:30 run/30 walk for the end.  As my car pulled away from my house, I realized that my race plan was not going to go quite as planned, as my Garmin was sitting on my bed. AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Meanwhile, I was on my way to Brooklyn… 

Here goes nothing!

I am not the best at pacing myself, so I really needed something to give me my intervals, so I downloaded the Gymboss app to my phone and programed it to give me a nice little chime in my headphones every 30 seconds. I think I programmed the app correctly, but I’m not 100% sure because it was early and because my brain is constantly compromised by my baby stealing my sleep. The sound the app actually made was a scary BUZZ that sounded like the alarm noise in movies when the emergency doors are slowly closing as the hero runs toward them and  squeezes through at the very last second…you know, that sound? Anyway, it was alarming. Also, it wasn’t every 30 seconds. Sometimes it was every 30 seconds, sometimes it was like 5 minutes 47 seconds between BUZZES.  Happy race endorphines must have kicked in, because the whole thing just became funny to me, and I adapted –  keeping my own time on my watch. I ended up running some of my longest intervals post-baby in the last few miles, so I guess Gymboss was just trying to encourage me to run more!

Who needs a Garmin?! Pacing win!

The race was hard. The last three miles – longer than I’ve run in a year – were hilly and mental and tough. But it was fun and made me feel strong, and yes, I’m glad I did it. Ryan was right, I would have been so disapointed in myself if I’d backed out. I also still stick to what I said in my other post, I wouldn’t sign up for a half six months after giving birth again. Probably.

All for the bling!

Read my race review here.


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