What happens when you attend boot camp classes for a month 

For my birthday present this year my sister purchased a GroupOn for us to try a month of unlimited classes at Burn Boot Camp, this crazy work out studio her friend had been going to religiously for over a year. Burn Boot Camp is a fit community of Moms, but I (a childless aunt) was welcomed into this community of dedicated women with open arms, warm introductions and congratulatory high-fives after successfully completing the workout without dying.

Everything did hurt and I was dying, thanks to Trainer Ginger


The Gym

My location is 3/4 spring gym floor that help give you support and added bounce for jump squats, burpees and other exercises. The other space is used for jumping ropes/battling ropes and for a monkeybar/pull up cage. There’s also several dumbbell racks and storage for fun things like equalizers and ab rollers.

The Workouts

Weekly Protocol

The gym posts the upcoming week’s protocol every Sunday. It gives you a general idea of the work outs to come. I appreciate this, as it allows me to make sure I’m eating enough before a hard day (more is needed for a leg day or a 1000 rep challenge) and if I must miss a day, I can do something similar on my own.

Each workout consists of four parts: warm up, main set, finisher set and stretching. Every work out is different and varying levels of difficulty. The warm up typically is cardio like jumping jacks, but will occasionally include burpees and hill sprints. The main set could include a 1000 rep challenge (happened to us twice in a week!), a leg day version of 52 card pick up (where every suit is a different exercise and the card value denotes the reps), or partner circuits that require you to fail out in an exercise. The finisher set could be burpees, monkey bars, planks for days or more hill sprints. It’s a very challenging workout no matter what you do.

It’s kind of like the scene in Fight Club, once you accept the fact, KNOW that you will die you’re free to do anything. Will it push you to your limits? Yes. Will you end up cussing the trainer under your breath? Probably. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Showing off my muscles with Trainer Mike

The Results

I’m going into my fourth week of my month trial and I’m already seeing a difference in my body. I have more confidence in myself. I’m more sore than I have been in years. (Did you know it’s possible for your triceps to be in pain while just standing up straight? Oh, it’s possible.) I push myself harder with the group between the inspiration I get from them and my competitive anxiety (inner monologue: “I’m dying. Are they dying? They’re not slowing down. Why aren’t they slowing down? If they’re not slowing down I can’t slow down. I need to step up my game!”). I’m using heavier weights than I normally would. I’m trying things I’ve never tried in a gym like the monkey bars, one leg half burpees and plank slider knee tucks. I’ve reached the level of crazy where I request things like squat jumps up the stairs!

One of my new friends put it best: it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. If anyone has a BBC location in their area (find out here) I highly recommend you try it out. It may be just what you’re looking for to get you motivated in the gym again.

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