Melt Away May Week 2


I’m disappointed with my progress (or lack there of) last week. I’m going to try to let it go and move on after writing this so I don’t beat myself up too much. I didn’t get a chance to run or ride my bike because it seamed like the baby wanted to be held nonstop (and I can’t say I tried too hard to put her down).  I also lost all my impulse control keeping me eating healthy.  We were in Florida Thursday through Sunday  and I completely fell off all my goals (I did eat some delicious food at least).

The week started really well – I walked at least 2 miles each day and logged my food until Thursday.

My goal this week is to get back on track. We’re going to Boston this weekend and I want to keep up my exercise and healthy eating while there.


I was able to accomplish all three of my goals for the week: I ran twice, worked out five days this week and ate all of my lunches I made! I did 3 days of cardio, 1 leg day and 1 upper body. I enjoyed be balance this gave me and the diversity of the workouts help me keep from getting bored.

Best part of the week: the capris I wore to Zumba on Sunday didn’t fit a few weeks ago!

Goals for this week:

Keep up the momentum from last week. I know I can do 5 days a week at the gym so there are no excuses!

Eat all the meals I made: it’s good for me and for helps save money!

Focus on getting my snacking under control. Am I really hungry or am I stressed/bored/whatever? If I am hungry, do I want sun chips or a banana? Get it together, KMOZ.


I did not accomplish my goals I set for the week. However, I did have a major personal win. Brooklyn Half is coming up and I needed to get one last long run in. I had to work Saturday and Sunday and had no idea how I was going to fit in an 8-10 mile run. I, as I have stated in past posts, am not a morning person and cannot workout before work. Well, I lied to you and to myself. I got my butt out of bed at 5:30am Saturday morning before work and ran 8 miles, went to work, and then went to a work party. Guess what, I CAN work out before work! It’s not so bad! Granted, I meant to get up at 5 and run 10 miles, but, baby steps! If I can get up and run, during market where we work non-stop for a 12 day stretch, I can do this during a normal week.

I proved to myself that I can fit a workout into my busy life and that, my friends, is going to be life changing. 13239093_571325439716629_8922611121864012868_n

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