Melt Away May: Week 1

Melt Away May is our way of refocusing on ourselves, being healthy and making smart choices.



First post pregnacy run!

Week one started strong for me with a 2 mile run on Sunday. I did a 30/30 run walk interval and discovered my legs are still pretty strong, but my cardio is week. On Wednesday, Ryan brought my bike up from the basement so I could use it on my trainer. Unfortunately my plans to bike and do strength exercises while the baby napped were foiled by her refusal to nap (or to only nap in my arms).

I did get one bike ride in- it was about 7 minutes and I almost passed out it was so hard. So now I know, I don’t need a very long window to get a workout on the bike.

I was also to take a couple 1-2 mile walks with the baby in the beginning of the week before the endless rain. I’ve been tracking my walks on my Garmin to motivate myself (I’m a sucker for data!)

If you look at my Myfitnesspal account you’d see I was good in the beginning of the week at tracking my food intake but it fell off later in the week. This pretty much reflects how well I was eating (oops! But at least there were no doughnuts!)

My goals this week are:

  1. To walk everyday and ride my bike at least twice.
  2. Track my meals all week.
  3. I also want to check out all the wonderful suggestions I got in response to my post last week about trying to get my body back post pregnancy. There were a lot of great ideas of short workouts to do while the baby naps.
  4. Finally, I’m going to do some reading on pelvic floor exercises and start incorporating them daily, so that I can do all the other parts of my workout routine without investing in Depends.


I started lifting again in April so I’m slowly trying to get the strength back that I gained in 2015. I also am trying to diversify my workouts by adding on different cardio machines and classes on the weekends. For example, I took an Interval Cross Circuit class on Saturday and a Zumba class on Sunday. To stay motivated I downloaded the Rock Clock alarm app (review to come) to hold me accountable to stay on goal. 

I’m also using the MyFitnessPal app to be mindful of what I’m putting in my body. Even if I don’t track every single thing, it’s good to remind yourself that a banana is 105 calories and a beer is about 120. 

Goals for this week:

1. Work out 5 times instead of my typical 4

2. Run twice (I have the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge coming up in June) 

3. Eat all 5 lunches that I made for the week. 


Melt away May could not have arrived soon enough because I just bought my wedding dress! Time to get in tip top shape and start sweating for that wedding. Although Week 1 was off to a slow start for me because I turned into a post-work zombie, I did incorporate body exercises into every day routines. While brushing my teeth, I did different calf raise variations. This is also a good way to make sure you brush your teeth for the proper amount of time! Mom and Dad will be so proud.

I did tricep dips using my bathtub. This may sound quite odd, because, well, it is, but when you live in an apartment as small as mine, you need to get creative. There is literally no other surface stable enough to dip on in my house. Tricep dips using body weight instead of an assisted machine feels very different and I did not feel as accomplished because at most, I was only able to do 3 sets of 5. I had to remind myself that I was dipping all of me instead of only a fraction thanks to the assisted machine.  I also did some modified push-ups and random sets of squats around the house.

My week ended strong with a 6.5 mile run around Hoboken! It felt great to get up and run before we went out for Sirrah’s fiance’s birthday. Run before beer and you’re in the clear! (kind of) First 2 miles were tough because my allergies made my lungs feel like death but once my lungs got over themselves (or when I got closer to the water and away from trees with flowers) my run felt amazing. There is something so lovely about running with a view of the NYC skyline, even when it’s grey and you can’t see the skyscraper tops.

Exercise is important for getting fit but so is your diet. You can run 10 miles but if you go home and eat a box of girl scout cookies, you probably just negated all your positive efforts. Last Sunday, I set myself up for success by prepping lunches and breakfasts for the week. I made Turkey chili and Veggie Sushi Rolls for work day lunches and prepped fruit for healthy snacks. As fun as the rolls sounded, they were not easy to roll and make, even with a sushi mat. Tasted delicious, looked lumpy when cut. To be fair, I attempted to cut the roll with a steak knife. Pretty sure that is not that traditional Japanese method.


Goals This Week:

  1. Hit the gym! I pay for the gym, might as well use it!
  2. Run 3x. Brooklyn Half is right around the corner! Need to get the last bits of mileage in
  3. Increase my Bathtub Tricep Dip sets, since people will only really see my arms in my wedding dress!

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