Staying focused

After being injured for so long, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I’ve done to lead to my repeated injury. I’ve have always taken pride in the volume and different types of races that I’ve competed in within a year’s time. In 2013 I competed in multiple half marathons, 1 marathon, a sprint triathlon and an Olympic triathlon. In 2014 I did 4 half marathons and two obstacle course races. In 2015 I did an Olympic triathlon, three half marathons, two 5Ks and two 3 mi obstacle course races (remember, all on my torn ankle). While I still appreciate the volume of what I’m capable of, but now is the time to focus on quality rather than quantity.


This includes staying focused in the water

In 2016 I’ve only registered for my two triathlons and I’ll only compete in races that are aligned with my triathlon (5K, 10K runs and OWS group swims). If I run a half marathon this year, it will be in the fall so I can properly dedicate time to training for it. It’ll be my 20th half marathon, so I want to race it with the intent to PR.

I believe this will make me a better triathlete by giving the sport the attention to training that it deserves. I’m training for one international and one Olympic within a month of each other, so I want to be in my best shape to compete at my best. Also, I really want to PR in the NYC Triathlon after coming in THREE SECONDS after my 2013 time last year.

What are you focusing on in 2016? Share it with us in the comments.

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