The Best of 2015 

2015 was a great one for all of us and we’d had some time to reflect on our progress and favorite posts of the year. We’ve listed our top posts for your reading enjoyment:

Best Product Reviews

Qalo rings: these have become a staple for all three of us now (Sirrah has yet to pick hers out, but it’s happening), Katie’s husband and family members. It’s a simple, comfortable way to honor your commitment to your spouse. 

Hydro-Pocket Sports Bra: a female staple to hold your water bottle while on the run or OCR course so you remain hands free. We can’t wait for warmer weather so we can wear ours under our tank tops. 

Race Tips

Tips for the NYC Half: one of our favorite races and truly the best way to see Times Square. Are you currently training for the NYC Half? Read our tips on having the best race ever. 

Air BnB Brooklyn Half: the lottery for this opens very soon so mark your calendar. You don’t want to miss out on one of the greatest finish line parties out there. 

Training Posts


Training for Two: Sirrah talks in depth about how training changes while you’re sharing your body and growing a person. 

Loving your body: as everyone starts their New Years Resolutions, keep in mind that your body is strong and powerful as is. 

What we wish we knew before we started running: speaking of resolutions, was running included in these? Read our post about what we learned the hard way and learn from our mistakes. 

What was your top accomplishment in 2015? What did you learn? Share it in the comments below. 

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