2016 New Years Resolutions 

It’s that time of year again! We are publishing our 2016 New Year Resolutions in hopes to keep them. What are you resolving to do this year?


Train for labor and post prego life


post squat selfie

 As my due date (March 2nd) speeds toward me it’s getting harder to do things like running…or rolling over in bed, so I have to push myself to keep active. My first goal of the new year is to keep training at whatever level I can. I’ve been thinking a lot about staying strong to help me through birth, but Ryan also pointed out how pissed I’ll be with myself if I go to train post pregnancy and have lost all my fitness. 

I’ve been going to the gym 3-5 days a week and getting in cardio, weights, and body weight squats. My running has really declined but I go when I can (at whatever speed I can muster).

 I’m resolving to keep up my training and push myself to start gaining strength and speed once I’m ready 

This leads me to…

Use my toys! 

watching TV on my bike!

Somehow I still fit into my bike shorts!

For Christmas Ryan bought me a bike trainer! I also already own a kettlebell and resistance bands and I’ll be buying a yoga ball in the next month for better prego sitting comfort (yeah, even sitting gets uncomfortable). Oh, did I mention Ryan also got me a wii for my birthday (I’m a super spoiled lady), and I’ve got wii sport to get me off my butt. Point is, I have no excuses for not staying active even when it might be hard to find time to leave the house. I’m making a resolution to find time to use my home fitness toys multiple times each  week. If I can keep up this resolution it’ll help me with…

Train for a summer 10K and a fall half marathon

It’s always been important for me to have race goals to keep my training on track.  I’m going to try to set realistic goals so I don’t injure myself or get discouraged by failure. It’s possible I’ll be ready to do a half  at a run/walk before the fall, but I want to work at getting my speed back next year and I think that is going to take time. Signing up for some races summer and fall races will help motivate me to get out the door and run even when I may be a little tired (newborns only make you a little tired, right?!) 


Make myself a priority: Working out and running often gets pushed back into a dark, tiny corner to make time for other activities in my life. Not this year. I am making a promise to myself to make working out a priority and not to overwhelm myself with a booked social calendar. I am getting married in just under 2 years (!!!) and I want to slim down and tone up before I go dress shopping. It will be the most important day of my life so far and I want to make sure I feel beautiful and confident walking down that aisle to marry the man of my dreams.

Man of my dreams

Man of my dreams at Brew Mile

Power of positive thinking: In 2016, I am going to become a bundle of positivism. I am going to start keeping a gratitude journal. Being dark and twisty is bad for your soul and your waistline. Studies have shown that stress release the hormone cortisol that leads to lower belly flab. A positive mind is a step towards becoming a healthier, happier person. When you exude a positive attitude, others around you will become more positive too! It’s infectious people!zne


End the year injury free: this is my main goal because my injury and willingness to ignore it for months has now lead to 100+ days of no running. I’ll stretch, strengthen and roll out appropriately so I can end the year stronger than when I  started.

Keep strength training through endurance training: I’ve made some serious gains this fall/winter while I’m waiting for my ankle to recover. I can officially incline bench 75lbs and squat over 100, something I never thought was possible. The kicker will be to keep this up while I start training for my TWO triathlons next year.


Successfully complete a non-NYC Triathlon race: the course has become a welcome one, but I want to prove to myself that I am capable of completing a mile swim that’s not a straight line, down the river with a current. This is why I’m planning to compete in the 2016 Escape the Cape Triathlon in June. A ferry takes you out into the ocean, you jump off (!!!), and swim to shore. The bike is flat but the run is 5mi in the sand. Should be a completely new experience and I can’t wait to jump off that boat!

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