Product Review: New Wireless Sports Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Earbuds bluetooth headphones 

I first saw wireless headphones on a Beats by Dre commercial. You mean I can row, lift, burpee and run without having my hands mistakenly snatching my earbuds painfully out of my ear? I can do all this without having to tuck my phone in my waistband (why don’t women’s workout bottoms have pockets?!) on the floor, in my lap? I was interested, but wasn’t willing to spend over $100. I had also never been able to find a pair of inner ear headphones to stay in. 

My husband bought my first inner ear headphones for about $9. Inner ear headphones that fit?! I was one step closer to wireless. I purchased the New Wireless Sports Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Earbuds bluetooth headphones with In-Line Microphone and I was instantly transformed. It’s amazing what you can do wirelessly. I’ve actually accidentally forgot my phone at a machine and only realized it when my music started to get staticky because I had moved out of the transmission space. 

What you receive: With my order, I received everything shown above. I personally don’t use the stabilizers and prefer the smallest ear tips for my tiny ears. I loved that it came with so many options to fit, especially with my aforementioned issues with inner ear headphones. 

Price: List price $99, Amazon Prime price $20.91. AKA such an affordable price!

Comfort in ears: I have a tragus piercing and sometimes I experience soreness here with earplugs or inner ear headphones. This is not the case with these headphones. The only issue I have is when I get super sweaty the buds get loose in my ears and sometimes fall out. I may be able to switch out the earbud size to eliminate this, but haven’t tried yet. 

Comfort on you head
: the in-line controls are pretty large compared to the Apple iPhone headphones and gets a little distracting if you move your head. Tucking the cord into my Sparkley Soul Headband keeps it back and out of my way. 


In-line controls hanging down


Music quality
: Very clear and blocks out some outside noise. 

Headphone wire
: it’s flat and a plastic material that makes it very easy to clean. The length of the wire is longer than I need so I tuck it in my Sparkley Soul Headband to keep it secured and out of the way. 

Ease of use
: Very easy to use. However, I tend to adjust volume and change songs from my phone because the buttons are different from the standard Apple headphones and I can’t see the buttons (in-line controls) easily. 

Phone compatibility: I’ve taken calls on them and they’ve worked fine, but I’ve answered the call from my phone itself, not my in-line controls. I have to point out that I answered a FaceTime call on them and the sound dos not transmit through my headphones. This isn’t the biggest issue for me because I only wear them at the gym, when I won’t be answering calls.

Battery life
: it lasts me about 6-8 hours and charges quickly. 

I ordered a pair of Vastar Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Sport Headphones on Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to try them out and compare. Do you use wireless headphones? Which do you recommend?

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