Just Keep Racing 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We all need new things and we all need to buy presents. Here are some of the things we loved this year or are hoping to receive this holiday season. We hope this list helps you pick out some new stuff for all the athletes on your holiday gift lists and maybe a few things for yourself. 

Sirrah’s Picks

1. IMG_0048Come March I’m going to have a mini me demanding a whole bunch of attention, and I suspect getting a workout in will get more challenging. Before then, I have to figure out how to keep my workouts up during the icy months, so I’ve been dreaming of a bike trainer. I love my bike but it’s been pretty much ignored since July because I’m clumsy and have been afraid of falling while pregnant. I love that a trainer would allow me to keep up my biking fitness without danger of falls and later would let me get a workout in mid baby nap! Read Katie’s review of her Cycle Ops Fluid 2 trainer to catch my excitement. 

  2. Speaking of working out while prego, turns out dry-fit only stretches so far. I need some new work out gear but I don’t want to get anything too fancy since it’ll only be in use a few more months. So I’ve asked for maternity workout pants and tops from Old Navy which are super cute and super inexpensive. 

3. IMG_2502

In April I reviewed the Roo Sport pouch, and I’m adding it as a suggestion on this holiday list because it’s a great accessory that your runner probably doesn’t have yet. You can buy them from the Roo Sport website and they are sale for 20% off through December 1 with the code Turkey20. 


  Finally, if you’re looking for a cool present for someone you’re willing to spend a little more on, I’d get a subscription to Stride Box! I love getting mine every month because there is always a cool selection of runner treats such as workout gear detergent, shoe deodorizers, sunscreen, water proof gear bag, gels, gummies, proteins powder, healthy snacks, and hydration mixes. There are gift subscriptions for 3months ($50) or 6 months ($90) which is a cool way to keep the runner in your life thinking about you months after the holidays are over! 


Nicole’s Picks

glow in the dark qalo ring


1)Glow in the Dark Qalo Ring! Their tagline is “Let your love shine bright!” My fiance asked me why I needed this.. The real question is who doesn’t need this! It’s SO COOL.

Nature Box


2) NatureBox Subscription I like snacks. I sit at a desk all day and eat whatever is available around me (candy, cookies, chips). NatureBox ships healthy snack to your desk or home. All snacks are nutritionist approved and are made with wholesome ingredients. If I can’t stop snacking, I can at least make healthier snacking choices! Pick a plan that’s right for you 3 boxes or 5 boxes, delivery frequency: once a week, every 2 weeks, or once a month, plus get 50% off your first box!

jhill design

Disney Princess Half

3) JHill Design Marathon Maps After months of training and goal crushing, the feeling of pride when you complete a race is incredible. Commemorate that race you beasted with a Marathon Map. Available for full and half marathons, JHill Designs created beautiful and colorful maps that has your name, bib #, and time. If you don’t see your race, reach out to create a custom race map! The prints are available in 3 different sizes: 5″x7″ for $17, 8″x10″ for $30, and 13″x19″ for $50.

Katie’s picks

1. Runners World Subscription: I have loved Runner’s World Magazine since I started running in 2009. Every month it’s full of gear reviews, nutrition ideas, training tales and plans and stories guaranteed to inspire you. It’s the perfect option for a newbie or an established runner. Visit the site in the link for their current subscription promotions. 

2. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles: I cannot tell you enough how much I love these goggles. They’re wide enough to cover your ENTIRE eye so you don’t have to fight for proper positioning on your face. I’ve had many an issue with this in the past with other goggles and I was over the moon when I found these. They also have a quick release button on both sides to easily adjust the tightness on the split straps. They’re $20 on Amazon AND Prime eligible. 

3. SOAS Women’s Tri Kit: A tri kit is the one of the closest things to a super hero costume that I’ve found. It’s what you wear to train in and compete in on race day. Made of special fabric made to get wet on the swim, dry quickly and keep you from chafing, it also is meant to be comfortable. This is where SOAS comes in. They make gear specifically made for women and our bodies. It’s cut a little wider at the hips so the top won’t roll up. There’s support in the top for women who need it. They’re made in real life sizes, not tri sizes that make you question your soul when you have to put in your size. Prices vary from $80-$95 depending on the design you buy. I’m planning to race in one next year! I’d love to see some SOAS sisters out on the course!

Check out our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for more idea for awesome presents! Happy holidays everyone! 

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