Fit Prego: I still have core muscles?! 

I’ve been neglecting my core. I’ve actually been neglecting a lot of strength training in my first half of pregnancy, but now as cardio is getting a little harder strength is coming back in my radar. This week as part of the Holiday Sweat challenge were focusing on core work outs. 

I had more than one person ask me if you can do core as a prego. I asked myself that question…and then I asked the Internet. (As always, remember I’m not a doctor or a trainer, so you know, take what I share for what it is and ask your doctor if you have Qs about working out while prego)

Not only is core strength safe, but it’s recommended. Particularly excercises that strengthen your pelvic floor because I guess there maybe some activity down there during labor or something (lalala- labor is scary-not thinking about this).  

Now that I’m in my second trimester, I’m supposed to avoid lying on my back, but there are plenty of good exercise that I can do. 

Check out this link to some prego exercises recommended by the Mayo Clinic

My favorites: 

plank selfie

  1. Plank and side plank-  classic and easy to do anywhere. 
  2. Leg lifts – on all fours or this version you could probably do at your desk. 
  3. Sitting V – this kills me when I’m not prego so I probably need to keep it up. 

What are your fave core exercises?! 

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