Holiday Sweat Challenge: Day 5

My goal for this week was to log 210 minutes, including both strength and cardio. While my go-to strength moves used to be burpees and stair repeats (I’m a psychopath, I know) I’ve had to change up my game since my ankle injury. I’m only allowed to do things that don’t cause a stretch of my torn tendon and keep me pain free. My new favorite strength exercises are:



Planking in Public


If you’ve ever met or have heard me speak about my father, you know he’s a planking fiend. His PR for planking (front, side, front, side without dropping) is SIXTEEN MINUTES! He keeps track of all of his miles and times and was proud to announce he planked 6 hours and 33 minutes in October. How can you not be motivated when you hear this? I’ve been trying to get on his level, even if it’s 30 seconds at a time. I do a series of 30 second rotations of bridge, front plank, side plank, front plank, side plank. My goal by the end of the month is be able to do 1 minute holds in all positions. 



Photo courtesy of Self Magazine

While I love barbell squats (happy to announce that I’m squatting the bar for the first time and am looking forward to adding more weight!), my favorite squats are dumbbell plié squats. I danced from age 3-18 and these remind me of the good old days spent at the barre. I concentrate on good form and not backing down from my reps. 

Assisted Negative Pull Ups

I just recently learned about reverse pull ups as a way to build strength to work toward a pull up. You start in pull up position and gently lower yourself down to the bottom of a pull up position. Check out this YouTube demo here. I’m building toward more reps with less assistance, but am happy to be seeing progress.  If you’re slow and controlled they kill you and what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

So what’s your favorite strengthening moves? Share them in the comments and join the #HolidaySweatChallenge! 

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