Holiday Sweat Challenge: Day 2

I’m so excited that the Holiday Sweat Challenge has officially begun! I’m a new Sweat Pink Ambassador and they, in partnership with Fit Approach and  @RunToTheFinish, are hosting the Holiday Sweat Challenge.

It’s easy to join and follow: it’s 8 weeks of a commitment to sweating through the holidays, eating your fruits and veggies (freggies), and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. You can track your progress on this downloadable printable weekly form or online here

At the beginning of any challenge, it’s important to set a baseline of success. My goal this week is 210 minutes (averages out to 30 min a day). I have a few days this week I’m pretty certain I’ll have to take as rest days because of life commitments, so I wanted to make sure my goal was realistic. As always, it’ll be adjusted as the weeks continue. I’ve already gotten 35 min of swim in so only 175 to go!

Do you want to join? Check out @fitapproach, @runtothefinish and follow our progress on Instagram as well! What are your goals in the comments! 

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