This hashtag has been going around one of the Facebook groups Sirrah and Katie belong to. We wanted to share our stories with you.


My normal conversations with non-triathletes about the sport go like this:

“What are you doing this weekend?”

“Not a whole lot, an open water swim on Saturday then a brick on Sunday.”

“That’s just crazy. I would die.”

“Nah, it’s fun!”

That’s my life. Triathlon races are the ipitamy of roughly 19 weeks of training and the race is over in just a few hours. I’ve been thinking about why I put myself through this and my answer is a simple one: it IS fun. The training is grueling from a sheer volume perspective, but it’s a journey that leads you on a personal discovery. You spend a lot of time alone with your thoughts: swimming allows me to work through all my inner demons and I’ve perfected the cinematic level of coach pep talk (think Herb Brook’s speech in Miracle) while on the bike. The race is just a celebration of a training, complete with a medal for your trouble. This is #WhyITri.


One of my main reasons for signing up for my first triathlon was because it totally scared me. At that point I’d done almost 20 half marathons and two marathons. While those distances certainly aren’t easy, I had gotten complacent. I needed a kick in the bum, and the fear of drowning in the Hudson River was just right.

I signed up for my second triathlon, because I had learned the first year all the ways there are to challenge yourself in the Tri. Strengthen your swim, get a better bike, clip in, bike more hills, run more hills, do more bricks, shorten your transitions, the list goes on and it’s hard to hit them all in one race. So, I signed up for my third triathlon.

I have a fear of open water, until this past summer I was riding a heavy hybrid bike, and I’ve never completed the run without a walk break. Once I conquer those obstacles, there will be new ones staring me in the face challenging me to do better. No complacency here. That is #WhyITri.

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