FOMOOR: Fear of Missing Out On Running

My last run was Saturday, August 29. It not only was five beautiful miles through Loantaka Park in Chatham, NJ, but also a painful run.

It’s the run the made me take the ankle pain that I’ve felt since December 2014 seriously. I’ve been diagnosed with a small tear in my peroneus longus tendon. Since then I’ve been allowing myself to try to heal, but the pain has gone no where.


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This tear needs to mend itself and I can’t run through the pain (I know this because I asked two physicians a total of eight times). As someone who was constantly running, known for her love of running and identifies as a runner, this is extremely hard for me. This also isn’t the first time I’ve been sidelined by an injury, which makes it more difficult. I know better than to run through an injury. I know to seek help if pain persists, but I didn’t anyway. And now, I’m missing out on the Fall races I had planned: NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile, NYRR Bronx 10 Miler, the NYRR Staten Island Half (it would have been my 20th!), and the NYRR Dash to the Finish 5K. It hurts that I can’t run these races because they were planned to be fun. A celebration of running. A series of “you made it through tri training! Now focus on only one sport! You deserved it!” races. I’m thankful that I have cycling, rowing and swimming to fall back on, but GOD I WANT TO RUN.

For all those out there who are struggling for motivation to lace up your shoes, look to me. Run for me. Get out the door, feel like you’re flying and do it for me.

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