Week in Reflection: September 21-28


I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back cause I  made lunch for work almost every day last week (except for one day on which I had a super early appointment)! I have to be honest though- I kind of failed at actually saving money or calories because of supplementary lunch I bought on Thursday and the amount of doughnuts I ate last week (they were free though – free doughnuts have half the calories, right? I’m pretty sure that’s accurate.).

I also made it to the gym before work last week, but only once. …so onto goals!


More meal planning, less doughnuts (and mini snickers, if I’m being totally honest)! I have a four day week this week because on Friday, Nicole and I and our SOs are heading upstate for the Wineglass half marathon, so four days of no takeout shouldn’t be too hard.

More pre-work workouts! Ugh, waking up early is the worst thing ever but it always seems worth it once I’m done with my work out.

Strength training! I’m going to let myself get off easy this week because it’s a short week, but it’s time to get my wimpy muscles back in shape! I may not make it to the gym to do weights but no excuses though for not doing squats and planks this week!


I moved to Chatham, NJ from Hoboken, NJ which resulted in my commute time doubling from 45 min one-way to an hour and a half. I let the commute get to me and would use getting home late as an excuse to skip my workouts. The result was a weekend of hard effort, a week of no effort and not feeling as proud of myself. This week I worked out five days in a row, including two nights of getting to the gym just before 8pm. It makes my dinner time very late (and not ideal), but I feel better about myself. Make gains, not excuses.


1. Keep this momentum up. I love feeling sore again.

2. Get back in the pool again in the upcoming weeks.



  1. Head to the gym! I plan on making it to the gym at least 3x a week to get this wedding workout started! Next week, after the Wine Glass Half, I will start kick boxing again! It hasn’t happened yet but I am very determined to become a morning gym person! I know it will be harder since it’s getting darker earlier but I need to find ways to stay motivated.
  2. Log meals in a Food Diary! Over the weekend I was home visiting my parents and stumbled upon my old journals. Throughout my life I have never recorded more than a few days worth of diary entries. One journal I found was completely blank, aside from writing my name in the “This Journal Belongs To” section on the inside cover. I’m not sure why I expected different behavior when I tried recording meals. Today is a new day to try again! I download the app on my phone and have started pre-recording what I will eat that day, which is much easier since I began prepping lunches for the week on Sundays!

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