Weekly Reflection: Sept 12 – 22


The good: Well I was pretty lazy this week, but I was on vacation until Wednesday. That’s a valid excuse right?!

I did manage to get in a run while in Florida, which I’m happy about because what I really wanted to do was sleep late and eat doughnuts. Instead Ryan and I got out and ran in the beautiful Florida weather. Did I say beautiful?! I meant humid. Super humid. But we did it, and then Ryan’s dad bought us doughnuts.

Goals: Back on track Sirrah! Get in some morning workouts this week! I know this is my goal like every week so far but I’ve been wicked tired recently so I’ve got to push myself to get back in gear.

I’m also aiming to make my lunches this week. I’m not as awesome as Katie at meal prep, but if I don’t bring lunch then chipotle (or worse) happens. I’m planning on sandwiches this week with tofurkey turkey slices. It’s good, I swear!


The good:

I’m proud of two things this week: I swam for the first time since the tri and I did a NINETY MINUTE spin class! My swim was pretty great. It reminded me how much I enjoyed swimming with the team during training and in the Hudson (not many people will admit to enjoying it, but I loved every second). I did side swimming drills that ended up making me nauseous (something I continue to struggle with), but I finished my 25 min session strong.

My spin class was intense. As a tkme comparison, if took me 1:38 to do the NYC Tri bike section. This class used to be 55 minutes long and will remain 90 minutes for the next 15 weeks. I’m looking forward to keeping this Sunday date, seeing my progress and how it helps me during next year’s training season.


1. Seek treatment for my ankle: my doctor got the results of my ultrasound. While the majority of my ankle is normal, there is a super tiny tear in one tendon. I’m to undergo therapeutic ultrasound therapy for 2 weeks. If it doesn’t improve, I’m to have shots in my ankle. Here’s hoping the ultrasound therapy works!

2. Keep up with the 90 min spin sessions

3. Catch up in my plank and squat challenge: I fell off the bandwagon a few days this week. Time to jump back on.


The Good:

Between work, having a cold, and travelling, this was a pretty tough week to squeeze in workouts. I did manage to get in a hike over the weekend which a great way to cross train. My hamstrings definitely felt the challenge of steep hills and rocky terrain the next day. I hope to get in a few more hikes before the cold takes over the north. Winter is coming.


1.Get up and move! I plan to wake up at least 3x this week to get in a workout before work. I also need to get back on track with the squats/plank challenge!

2.Create a wedding workout plan. I am having a long engagement and want to lose weight and tone up the healthy way. No crash diets for me. Just healthy eating and consistent workouts!

3. Meal Plan/Food Prep. My fiancé and I need to stop buying lunch at work and ordering takeout for dinner. Not only is it expensive to constantly eat out, it’s also not healthy. We’re going to take a page out of Katie and her husband’s book and prep our meals so we have healthy and delicious food. Plus, weddings are expensive! We can save money by doing this too!

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