Product Review: Spiralizer 

If you have an active Pinterest account, you’ve no doubt seen recipes including zoodles. Zoodles are noodles created from zucchini. It’s an easy, no carb alternative to traditional pasta without the cooking lead time needed for spaghetti squash. I had tried to make these with a standard peeler. It worked, but eventually the zuchinni looked like a skinny hourglass and you couldn’t make use of 10% of the veggie. Intro the Spiralizer and the problem was solved. I was introduced to spiralizing through Ali Maffucci‘s @inspiralized Instagram profile. I was intrigued and similar to the Hydro-Pocket Sports Bra, it took many months before I purchased my very own Spiralizer. My Paderno World Cuisine Vegetable Slicer was recommended to me by a friend and I made the purchase on Amazon Prime Day.

I’m so upset that I waited this long to purchase a Spiralizer. It’s extremely easy to use (you put the veggie between the flat side of blade and the pronged handle then crank the handle. It also has suction cups that holds the entire appliance in place.) and easy to dissemble to clean. It’s also dishwasher safe which is a huge plus.

Yellow Squash Noodles!

Yellow Squash Noodles!

There are three different blades: skinny noodle size, tube noodle size and chips (it looks like bigger pencil shaving). So far I’ve made zucchini and yellow squash noodles, shredded bell peppers, zucchini chips and potato chips.


If you’re looking for more spiralized recipes, you can follow @justkeepracing and @insprialized on instagram, Pinterst or check out some of my favorite pins here and here. I’ll keep posting my favorite recipes and please share yours in the comments!

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