Recipes to try: Mason Jar Salads

After Scott and I got married in August 2014, we had a LOT of mason jars left over. They were our centerpieces, so we had a ton left over in multiple sizes. Luckily, I found a list of mason jar recipes on Greatist that gave these jars a purpose. The key to a successful mason jar salad is in the layering: dressing in the bottom, fruit, soft veggies (tomatoes), hard veggies (bell peppers), cheese, protein and roughage. By putting your leafy greens on top, it keeps it from becoming soggy and stay fresh. Mason jars seal air tight so the salads can stay fresh for a little over a WEEK. We make all our salads over the weekend and stay fresh throughout the week. I personally keep dressing in a separate container and Scott likes to put the protein on top because it makes it easier for us to heat them up at work. My favorite salad recipes are below with the ingredients in order from bottom to top:


The combinations are endless! Eventually we changed from metal tops to plastic due to rusting issues. The plastic ones keep the jars just as tight so the remain fresh. Have you ever tried mason jar salads? What’s your favorite salad combination?


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