Reflection Friday

Just a few updates of what we’ve been doing this week.


The good:

This week I’m happy that I made it back to the gym for some weight training, and even though it’s been a few weeks I was happy to discover that I hadn’t lost too much fitness.

I also made it back to a pre- work workout. Waking up early is terrible, but starting off the day with some exercise does feel good.

The Goals: I’m on vacation right now in Florida, and I’m usually the worst about getting any fitness I while I’m in vacation mode. My goal is to actually get in my run and to visit the hotel gym ( not just “visit,” you know, actually use it too) while I’m here.


I have three things that I’m happy about this week!

1- I went to get an ultrasound done of my ankle. I don’t have the results yet (I tried to get information from the tech who ignored my questions and I looked at the screen to see if I could make sense of it. I couldn’t.), but the hard part is done.

2- I’ve kept up with my planks and squats! I only skipped my squats once and that was after my 20 mile bike ride last weekend. I just…couldn’t.

3- I am so proud of my meal prep skills. I spent Monday getting meals ready for the week, including breakfast, lunches, snacks and iced coffee for the week. Not only does it make the weekday mornings easier, it’ll save me money in the long run. Money that can go toward races once I’m cleared to run! 🙂 I post about my meal prep is in the works!


Homemade apple butter, peotein cookies, peach parfait, quinoa breakfast jars and spiralized salads for the week.

Goal: get the results of my ultrasound to see if my ankle is toooorrree up!


The Good:

I got engaged! This week has been a whirlwind of excitement and emotions! I also only skipped my 30 Day Squat & Plank Challenge on the Day we got engaged because I was too bouncy to do it! I’m so proud of myself for sticking to the challenge that I added on an extra challenge: 25 Triceps Dips for every dumb question!

The Goal:

This engagement could be just what I needed to motivate me to take training more seriously! I will be amping up the cardio and arm workouts. Stay tuned for weekly workout updates!

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