Adventures in Not-Running

I wrote a little while back about my burn out and ankle nonsense (it’s like He Who Shall Not Be Named. If you say it’s an injury, it just gives it more power) that I’ve been experiencig since December 2014. I’ve been to the doctor and have been ordered not to run or do anything to cause me pain until we receive the results of an ultrasound of my ankle.


Icing like boss

Since I’m taking time to focus on activities that don’t cause me pain, I’ve been branching out on my cardio and work outs. This is what ie been up to lately:

Lateral X/Ski Machine


I’m not sure what this machine is really called (I think it’s called Lateral X), but instead of the forward motion of an elliptical, it’s a lateral movement. I assume this is what skiing is like. I appreciate that it’s different than other machines I’ve used and works different muscles than I’ve used on most cardio machines. You feel your side hip and inner thighs burn (depending on if you push your leg counterclockwise or clockwise). I’ve been doing 30 second intervals of sprints and cool downs for 5 min with 3 min steady effort between intervals. I love it and want to keep pushing myself.


Garmin results from my 20 mi bike ride

My ankle doesn’t hurt when I bike, thank the Lord, so I’ve been taking full advantage of this. I’ve been biking and have taken a spin class. I still have a delusional idea that I’m going to be fine and healed miraculously overnight so I’m trying to determine how many miles on a bike will equate to my long run mileage. On Saturday I biked 20 miles (what I’m calling 8 miles running) around my new town including some crazy hills. I’m hoping that will help me stay strong for when I’m able to run again.

Strength training

I’m doing a 30 day squat and plank challenge that’s I’m trying to keep as a foundation. It’s the minimum I can do. I’m also doing lateral leg raises with a resistance band, calf raises and upper body workouts. I was doing walking lunges but some of the stepping on my left foot would occasionally cause my ankle to twinge. Those excercises are no longer allowed.


This is the most important. I have to stretch out the tendons and ligaments in my ankle. Downward facing dog is my go-to stretch (approved by my doctor) along with a small yoga routine and wall stretches. I have always taken stretching lightly, but I can’t do that anymore. Doctor’s orders!

What other exercises do you love to do when you’re not running? List any suggestions in the comments!

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