Reflection Friday

Time to look back on the week and reflect on the things we learned or are proud of in our fitness lives in the past 7 days, and our goals for the week to come!


The Good:

Two things stand out for me this week that I’m happy about.

First, last Sunday I went out for my long run of 7 miles, which is the longest I’ve run in probably three months. I struggled real hard in the heat and humidity, but thanks to my awesome running partner and BF, Ryan, I got through all 7 miles only slightly wanting to die. I was happy to push through a hard run, but also thought it was super cool to have Ryan stepping into my role (as I’m usually the one trying to get us to go a little further in snow, heat and other bad conditions) and coaching me through the last mile or so to reach my goal.

The other thing I did this week that I was happy about was getting my butt out of bed to go work out before work. I haven’t done this in awhile and I used to be so good at it. I only went once this week…which leads me to …

The Goals:

  1. Get in more pre-work workouts this week!
  2. More strength training! My strength training has been really spotty this summer and right now all my past gains are future goals again. This coming week I want to get back to weights at least once. 


The Good:

I’ve written a few times about the pain in my ankle that I’ve been experiencing since LAST DECEMBER. While this may not strike you as good, I WENT TO THE DOCTOR THIS WEEK. I was diagnosed with achielles tendinitis with a possible tear in my ankle. This isn’t anything that I didn’t really suspect, but now I’m diagnosed with an appointment next week for an ultrasound to see what damage has been done. Keep your fingers crossed for me that there’s no tear!

A major side effect of going to the doctor is orders. I was told I’m not allowed to run until we get the results of the ultrasound. Can you see how excited I am, especially with the NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile, NYRR Bronx 10 Miler, and the NYRR Staten Island Half coming up. This brings me to my two goals:

The Goals:

  1. Figure out how to get my mileage in for my races while not running. I’m allowed to bike/spin, row, hike and just do anything that doesn’t hurt. How many miles on a bike equal 8, 10, 13 miles of running? Any opinions? Let me know!
  2. I want to become a morning gym person. I tried to do this one day this week and ended up oversleeping for work. Whoops.


The Good:

I did not do much this week since work was quite busy and stressful with so many people on vacation, but I am proud of myself for one thing: I have stuck to the 30 day workout challenge for 4 days in a row. That may not seem like an accomplishment to most, but I am very sporadic when it comes to working out.

The Goals:

  1. Finish the entire 30 Day Squat/Plank Challenge without skipping a day. Who knows, if I can stick to this, maybe I can actually commit to a training plan.
  2. Get my butt out of bed and workout in the morning. I am realizing this is the only way I will be able to fit a workout into my schedule.






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