Race Review: Brew Mile


July 18th @ Aviator Sports Park, Brooklyn, NY

IMG_2183 IMG_2170

Going to college in the city did not prepare me for beer chugging. Limited apartment space did not allow for house parties with keg stands and funnels. Instead, we went to clubs, drank vodka cranberries, and danced the night away. I don’t feel like I missed out on the typical party scene because I had the pleasure of attending a few house parties in Jersey with my then roommate, one in particular where I met my boyfriend. Beer soaked rugs and drinking games scream romance.


Jeremy & Charlie

Brew Mile is the perfect race to channel your inner bro. The concept of Brew Mile, along with a gym class style course, lent itself well to a silly fun race. Many chest bumps were had, drinking songs were sung, and runners finished the race happily skipping, cartwheeling, and lunging. (Jeremy does not recommend lunging, his legs were screaming the next day) The first wave was for the elites (yes, brew runs can have elite runners too!). The winner finished in under 6 minutes. You guys, that’s 4 beers and a mile in under 6 minutes! What a beast!


Chest bump!


Jeremy lunging toward the finish line!

Many teams got into the racing spirit by dressing up. One runner in particular had no idea what he was dressed up as, only that he was happy to have an excuse to where his very shiny costume again. Another team dressed up as shark week and I immediately stalked them to get a picture for Katie. We had some serious costume envy and vowed to get our act together earlier and dress up next year.






Why does he have so many swords??


He was just as confused as we were about who he was supposed to be



The pre/post-race party area had corn hole, $5 bag check, food, a very large bar with very few taps, and a merchandise tent. The boys played corn hole pre-race and we challenged other teams to tipsy corn hole post race. The merchandise stand sold tees, hats, and other random brew mile related swag. We bought beer coozies and used them along the race. Charlie bought beer goggles, which turned out to be just swimming goggles.

              Not beer goggles


Charlie playing corn hole

The objective was to finish chugging the beer before running, but I am not good at chugging beer, so I brought it along for the run. The beer coozie was perfect for keeping my grip on the cold beer as I frolicked around the dumbest course layout ever. Seriously, we ran to a field, around a field, partially around a track, and back to the party area. The field layout made me feel like I was running the mile for the physical fitness test. The weather predicted rain so I did not wear sunscreen. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, hot day. There was no shade on the course. Usually I bully others into lathering up but perhaps I should have heeded my own advice because I STILL have a lovely sports bra tan a month later.


Running around a field

The beer along the race was extremely disappointing. The race had advertised that each stop would have a different beer. They lied. Every. Damn. Beer. Was Sixpoint Crisp. The first 2 stations had a gluten free cider option that was much easier to chug but they had run out by station 3 and 4. I cannot and will not drink another Sixpoint Crisp.


Keeping it classy with a coozy

Instead of a medal, you get a pint glass at the finish! Useful for filling up with your 2 free, delicious, beers on tap. Why couldn’t they serve Brownstone, Righteous, or Bengali on the course??

Finisher pint glasses

Finisher pint glasses



Race Price: 4 – $45, $10 off with early bird code or 10% off with promo code. The race entry gets you 6 beers, that $5.83/beer! There was a VIP option that got you 8 beers and a t-shirt or hat

Organization: 4 – Waves were spaced out enough so you weren’t on top of each other when running but you still had a party atmosphere while drinking. Volunteers checked IDs as you walked in. At registration, you had to state how you were getting home from the race-public transit, taxi, or DD, so they weren’t held liable for anyone dumb enough to drink and drive. Race was easy to get to via public transit. We took an Uber home because we stopped at L&B Spumoni for pizza and ice cream.



Level of Communication: 3– I thought the race began at 7 but when I received the wave confirmation, it said we needed to be there between 2-3. The miscommunication could have been Charlie’s fault. All other emails were very detailed and clear

Race Course: 3– See above

Swag: 5 – Beer was your swag. Enough said.

T-Shirt: 3–  I could have used a T-shirt by the end to cover my lobster red shoulders. T-shirt was for VIPs only

Medal: 4 – We received a plastic pint glass instead of a medal which was pretty cool. Didn’t expect an actual medal for a mile.

Spectator Support: -4– Do you need support for a mile run? Volunteers were cool though

Overall Score: 3.9 – This has to be one of the unhealthiest races out there but so much fun! Next time we want to plan ahead and get a bigger group to run in costume.


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