Dealing with Burn Out

Around the time of the Brooklyn Half my training shifted. The half was the culmination of multiple races I was training for while training for the NYC Tri and I was looking forward to being able to focus on only tri training (even if it was swimming, biking AND running). It was supposed to feel more simple, but in early June I felt like my legs stopped working.

They were heavy, tired bricks no matter how many days of rest they were given. I was running 10-11 minute miles when I used to run 9:20-9:30s. I kept thinking it was the summer weather that hit us fast and furious, but it didn’t let up. It still hasn’t let up.

I’m a member of a Women for Tri Facebook group where amazing women inspire and educate each other. One member posted her personal experience of being over trained as a reaction to an over training Competitor article.

My husband has been telling me to take a break and I don’t listen. I’ve been training since mid-November for numerous half marathons, OCRs and the triathlon. I only allowed a week of rest between tri training and Staten Island Half Training. I never feel that I retain fitness after a break, even one as short as week, so I over train and burn out. I sent him the article and he immediately told me “that’s you. You need to rest.” What did I do that night? I went to the gym for leg day. My personal response for being told to rest is to do the opposite.

My long-term plan is to focus on strength and cross training to build muscle balances and efficiencies so I can still train for my Fall races (blissfully, I only have one half, an 8K and a 5K planned for the rest of the year). I’ll only run twice a week to give my legs a rest. I’ll actually start stretching and rolling out. Most importantly, I have to stop beating myself up if the numbers aren’t there. Remind myself that a bad run doesn’t make you a bad runner and it’s about the distance covered. It’s about being healthy so when my legs recover, we can fly.

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