Running on Empty: Tips for Motivating Yourself to Get Up and Move

I fell off the wagon..wagon1

I haven’t been running and I certainly have not been blogging about running. Between the NYC Half in March and the Queens 10K in June, I only ran a handful of times. In fact, I was suppose to write the post about the NYC Half (which was fantastic, by the way, I highly recommend everyone run it!). While I beat myself up about slacking, let me tell you what was going on in my professional life that caused me to cast aside running..

Post NYC Half Brunch

Post NYC Half Brunch

I left a job with long hours, where I was plateauing professionally, for a better opportunity. My last job left me burnt out and jaded while my new job, like a breath of fresh air, has infinite possibilities and a relaxed work environment that will, ideally, allow me to have a personal life. Don’t let my comment about a relaxed work environment fool you,my new job is intense. It is much more demanding and I had to learn many new things in a very short period of time, with little direction. The role is constantly evolving and challenging, the people are incredibly intelligent and driven, and I am loving every minute of it. In order to give my new job the attention it needed, I had to solely focus on work and cast hobbies aside. Katie continuously told me that I needed to do something for myself too, like running, but I don’t operate that way –it’s all or nothing. Four months in and I finally feel like I can crawl out of my cave and join the world again.


I feel like I have been running on empty for the past year. It is so hard to feel motivated to run when you’re mentally drained, frustrated, exhausted, and just going through the motions to get through your day. Exercise is important and can benefit your life in so many ways. It’s crucial to find motivation to get up and move. Even if it’s only 15-30 minutes out of your day, I promise you will feel better.

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Up and Move:

1. Run with a friend– You’re less likely to flake out on your run if you have someone else relying on you. It also helps to have a friend like Katie to tell you she is proud of you when you work out!


2. Create a Winning Playlist– We all have the song we can’t help but shake our booty to. Create a peppy, energized playlist for your run or workout! My personal running mix contains a lot of Flo Rida. The catchy dance music gets me motivated to get out there and move.


Shake your booty!

3. Be prepared – Pack a snack to eat on your way home from work! Lay out your clothes the night before! When I get home and I see my running clothes laid out on the bed it is more of a push to run than if I have to get everything ready after work. On that note, putting your clothes on as soon as you walk in the door is a great way to get you motivated to run. Are you really going to sit on the couch and not move in your compression tights?


Laying out your outfit the night before is also helpful when you have to wake up at 5am for a race!

4. Become Goal Oriented – Keep your long term goals in mind! Sure, sitting on the couch with a glass of wine is rewarding now but what about 2 months from now when you have to run that half marathon? Make sure you reward yourself along the way! Set small goals start. For example, if your goal is to hit 100 miles this month, reward yourself with that bag you’ve been lusting after! Small goals will help you achieve your long term goal!


I achieved my goal of running a Half Marathon! Getting a Tiffany’s necklace was a nice perk!

5. Dress the Part– Get a new outfit! This may not be the motivator for everyone but when I get a new running outfit or accessories, I usually cant wait to try it out.


6. Features & Benefits– You will sleep better, boost your metabolism, increase endorphins, and have better sex! Fight depression! Better immune system! Longer life! You will also ultimately have more energy and a clearer head to go about your day. Check out more benefits here.

7. Run for a Reason– Join a charity-oriented running group like Team in Training. Not only will you help save lives, but group practices will help get your out there! Not a joiner? Charity Miles allows you to pick a charity you want to dedicate your run to! Earn $0.25 per mile, courtesy of corporate sponsors.

Charity Paint Night!

Charity Paint Night with Team in Training!

8. Be Realistic– If you get out of work late, are you really going to run 10 miles in the dark? Safety also becomes an issue. Save you long runs for the weekends and focus on more achievable mileage or cross-training Mon-Fri.

9. Shake Things Up – Try a new class! Run a different route! Go for a hike! Walk a dog! Switching up your workout routine will keep you from getting bored.

High Point at Sam's Point Preserve

High Point at Sam’s Point Preserve

10. Do it for Yourself – Running doesn’t benefit your neighbor, your classmate, or significant other. This is for you! Make your workout/run your happy place! Remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are worth becoming happier and healthier. You are worth taking time out of your day to do something for you!

you are stellar

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