JKR Tips for a Possibly Rainy Queens 10K

If you’re running tomorrow, you’ve probably seen the crazy forecasts, storms and the flood watches. If there’s no lightening, the race will be held. Here’s how to prepare: 

Wear older shoes if you can – you mainly run on roads (like any normal race) but there was one stretch last year where you ran through almost ankle deep puddles…AND IT HADNT EVEN RAINED! Imagine what a storm could bring! If you wore your old shoes until they were on the brink of death and your current running pair get soaked, remember to pull the soles our and put newspaper inside them. This will help pull the moisture out 

Trash bag or poncho – sit on it, wear it, throw it away. A trash bag is your friend. You probably already have one to spare, and it will help keep you dry as you wait to start. If it’s really raining you could cover your shoes in plastic bags too to keep your socks from getting wet pre-race. Just be aware that your feet might be slippery.

 Hat/ Visor- Keep the rain out of your face. A must if you have glasses like Sirrah.

If you love it, lube it- wet clothing plus the movement of running can cause chafing and it’s the worst. Be mindful of your clothing choices and apply lube anywhere your clothes may run against your skin. If you don’t have a live of choice, Body Glide is a great brand but you can use any petroleum based substance (even Vaseline). 

Change of socks and shoes- Katie got a HUGE blister on the bottoms of her foot at the Air BnB Brooklyn Halfand was very thankful to have a change of socks, but sadly forgot a change of shoes. Don’t let this happen to you! Also, if you have plans afterward, bring a change of clothes (like the race shirt! It’s adorable!) so you’re not riding around the city in wet clothes. This is a good way to get sick and could derail your training. 


Be Careful on the street!- The painted divider lines on the streets often get slick in the rain and watch for oily spots on the road. Also, not a rain thing, but keep an eye out for pot holes and be nice and let the runners behind you know if there is one right in front of you since they probably can’t see it yet.

SUN SCREEN – Guys, don’t be stupid: just because it’s overcast/possibly raining doesn’t mean you can’t get a burn! Protect yourself! 

Keep wishing for a dry race, but if the weather doesn’t hold out at least you’ll be prepared. See yall out there! 

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