Nutrition Review: Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix

IMG_2588I’m always interested in trying new nutrition and recently I have been on a hydration kick because I think I probably walk around slightly dehydrated about 70% of my life. I want to be better, but sometimes just chugging tons of water doesn’t kick it for me, and I can’t go around drinking Gatorade all the time – if for no other reason than my teeth would all fall out.

I came upon the Skratch Labs hydration mix at the bike store where I bought my new road bike. The lady who was selling me my bike told me she really likes their stuff, so I decided to check out a few of their single serving packets.

They make a variety of flavors and mixes that address different levels of dehydration – which is nice because I certainly don’t need the same mix after the gym that I need after a marathon. I tried the basic lemon/lime flavor because that is pretty hard to mess up. What I immediately liked about it (and admittedly, other people may feel the opposite way)  was that the flavor was not very strong. My first thought was, this is something I can put in my water bottle and not worry about the bottle now eternally tasting like some weird artificial flavor.


I’ve tried it out on a couple bike rides and as post workout hydration and I have found it easy on my stomach and effective (from what I can tell) at helping me hydrate and re-hydrate.  I really like the lemon/lime flavor – to me it tastes like a mild lemonade. I also tried the lemons+matcha flavor which I liked way more than I thought I would, but isn’t really for me because I am not a green tea person. It does have caffeine in it so if that’s what you’re looking for, check it out,

When I went back to pick up my bike, I bought a larger bag of the lemon/lime mix  for $20 because it was way more economical than sticking with the single serving packets which were more than $2 each. I like having a larger bag of mix because I can control how strong I want the mix to be and adjust based on the size of my water bottle.

I would recommend trying this hydration mix if you like something mild and easy on your stomach.

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