My runner’s body

Most people have a specific body type in mind when rhey think about running. Lean and mean Kenyans come to mind, Kara Goucher, Meb Keflezighi, Lauren Fleshman or Scott Jurek.  If you’re like some of us, this could be why you took up running. They look great from running all the time. People in magazines talk about how taking up running helped them lose a TON of weight. It’s all there, just a set of running shoes away.

I have actually gained weight since I started running and am heavier than when I set my long distance PRs. However, I am setting short distance PRs, am a better swimmer, biker and am stronger than I’ve ever been. We are not the numbers on the scale. How we feel about ourselves is what truly matter.

How do I feel? I feel powerful. I feel fast. I feel like someone who should not be underestimated. Someone who can do sub-9 hill repeats in the dead of winter, who can take 15 minutes off her Half time from the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half in January to the Air BnB Brooklyn Half in May. I am Dwayne Johnson‘s soul sister and a force to be reckoned with.

I’m proud of my runners body. Share with us if you’re proud of your runner’s body too.

2 thoughts on “My runner’s body

  1. I love my runners body too. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before, can endure long training runs and just feel healthier. I too gained weight since I started running and even clothes don’t fit as well, but the muscles that I’ve gained are well worth it. Numbers mean little to me as long as I feel happy and healthy!

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