Race Review: Citi Field Spartan Sprint

Spartan races are one of the more intense Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) due to founder’s mindset: with the struggle, everything else will seem easy in comparison. The course reflects this with a penalty of 30 burpees for each failed obstacle. Actually, don’t look at it as a penalty. It’s an opportunity to do burpees. There’s three different lengths: sprint (3+ miles – can be held on a mountainside or in a stadium), super (8+ miles) and beast (12+ miles). 

On Saturday, May 9, Nicole and Katie, along with their significant others, completed the Sprint at Citi Field. Stadium Spartans are Katie’s favorite because they’re well contained, the obstacles are easy to predict (there’s no mud, fire or barbed wire for safety reasons) and they’re a great entry point into the Spartan series. This was Katie’s third Spartan Sprint (second stadium course) and Nicole’s first. 

Spartans! AROO!

The weather was colder than expected and in true Spartan form it started to rain as we got started. This didn’t damper the spirit along the course, especially the man who was dressed up as a Spartan 300 warrior. The mcee let him take the mic as we waited to start and he bellowed “SPARTANSS!! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?!” to our response “AROO! AROO! AROOO!!!” These races are the BEST.
Spartan! (image borrowed from Spartan Race Photos)

Spartan! (image borrowed from Spartan Race Photos)

Katie relied heavily on her Tri training to get her through the obstacles. She still needed assistance over the walls, but was otherwise happy with her performance.

Nicole highly recommends training for the Spartan race as the obstacles were no joke and she struggled through the race. She also recommends wearing pants to help alleviate some of the scrapes you may incur. Proper training may help you also avoid severe bruising, unless you are like Nicole and will bruise like a peach regardless:

Attacked by 10′ walls!!!

 Course details

Getting into the corral: 5 foot wall – What, you thought they would just let you walk into the corral? ha!
Obstacles (in no particular order)
  • Stairs for Days
  • Bear crawling up ramps and stairs under ropes
  • 6 foot wall
  • 8 foot wall
  • 10 foot wall
  • Crab walks
  • Spear throw
  • Atlas carry – roughly 50 lbs for women
  • Sandbag carry – roughly 30-40 lbs
  • Water jug carry – roughly 50 lbs
  • Ball slams (25 reps – 15 lb medicine ball for women, 25 lb for men)
  • Hercules hoist
  • 25 Hand release push ups (in the visitors locker room! So cool!)
  • Cargo wall (a participant in front of us was severely afraid of heights so had a hard time getting up and over, but faced her fears in true Spartan form!)
  • Military hurdles (three 6 foot walls in quick succession)
  • 25 Box jumps
  • Monkey bars (closed due to the rain)
  • Rope climb
  • Gladiator field (run through hanging heavy bags)
  • 25 Jump rope with elastic band around ankles
Both had the opportunity to complete 60 burpees – 30 for the spear throw and 30 for the rope climb. These are failed by the majority of the racers so they take a little pride in that.

Race Stats:
Race Price: 4 We found a Groupon deal for $79 towards entry. Without the deal, the race would have cost $120
Race Organization: 2 “You want me to do what?!” Volunteers at each obstacle were far and few between.
Level of Communication: 3 Informative emails with great workout plans
Race Course: 3 “What did I just run??” Check out our map!
So. Many. Stairs.
Swag: 2 Headband instead of a bib, cotton t-shirt at the end
T-Shirt: 4 Basic cotton tee but says we’re a Spartan finisher. Will be wearing that proudly!
Medal: 5 – So cool! We’re Spartans now! The ribbon had Citifield on it. There is a third of a medal that completes a whole when you finish the Trifecta. Something to work towards!
Spectator Support: 3 – spectators had to stay in specific areas. I may change this to a 4 because it was nice not to have an audience see me struggle through some obstacles
Overall Score: 3  We would definitely run this again!

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