KMOZ Training Log: Get it together 

I’m writing this from a chair in my hotel room while on vacation with my husband (my first non-family holiday vacation since our honeymoon). Needless to say, training is not the priority right now. However, my friends and teammates continue to train while I’m soaking up the sun and reading my zombie book (it’s called Dead of Night and I highly recommend it). My planned training looks like this:

Monday: swim

Tuesday: run

Wednesday: bike

Thursday: brick

Friday: swim

Saturday: bike

Sunday: run

My week has looked like this:

Monday: swim – focus on sighting and open water skills. I did as well as can be expected

Tuesday: stay late to finish work – missed run practice and got home after 8

Wednesday: went to bed early since we left for vacation at 2:30am on Thursday

Thursday: drove all day, but made it to Wilmington!

Friday: 5 mile run along the Wrightsville loop – proceeded to get sunburnt and learn the value of applying sunscreen evenly

Saturday: slept in, but still covered almost 6 miles while walking. Hooray me!

Sunday: leisurely bike ride around Wrightsville beach

Do you see the difference there? Granted, I ran the Brooklyn Half last Saturday (and I’m very happy with my time – taking 6 minutes off my NYC Half time and 15 minutes off my Fred Lebow Half time) and weights on Sunday, I’m feeling like a slacker. This upcoming week is my time to refocus on my training. Only 55 more days until race day, let’s do this! 

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