Sirrah’s Sporadic Training Log: Buying Bikes and Reading Books 

I’m going to start with the good stuff: guys, I bought a road bike! So, in case that means nothing to you, let me explain that for the past two years I’ve been training and competing in the triathlon on a hybrid.

A very nice, reliable, but very heavy, slow hybrid that a friend gave me. It is a good bike, but it was time to get a bike that wouldn’t leave me in the back of the pack.

I learned a few things while buying a bike:

  1. Find a bike store and seller who will take their time helping you and explaining bike components to you. Bike are expensive, so it’s important to understand why and feel comfortable making that investment.
  2. Sometimes there’s a reason to pay more. If you’re deciding to buy a bike, you are making an investment in something that is going to carry you around (and at times, you’ll carry around) for years. I learned that for one thing, I wanted to pay more to get a bike with a carbon fork because it’s both lighter and more durable.
  3. Sometimes there’s not. There is a point where the bike gets more expensive then your personal needs. That price is different for different people. For me, buying my first road bike, I didn’t need the bells a whistles that come with a bike over $1000. (By bells and whistles I mean nicer components that if you’re a serious biker you’ll notice. I won’t. )
  4. Test ride. You want to know how the bike feels to know which bike you want to invest in. Dress to ride a bike. The stores have helmets but not leggings/shorts if you wear a skirt.
  5. Take your time. Walk away from a store/ seller if you don’t feel comfortable with them. There are a lot of really smart bike people out there who want to sell you your bike (particularly in NYC). If you aren’t being given proper attention, walk away. You’re about to drop $500-$1000+ at their store and they should make sure you’re happy with your purchase.


Oh, and after some debate between naming my bike Shadowfax or Falkor (I’m a nerd), I decided on Falkor because:


Ok onto my training log for the week!

Last week was relatively light for me:

Monday, I took a red eye from California but still woke myself up in time for the evening swim practice. <>

Tuesday, I thought I’d be able to run with the team, but it turned out it was my turn to watch the bags. Surprise rest day!

Wednesday morning I went for a run. It was the first time in a while that I’ve done a morning run outside. Oh yeah, this is so much better than the treadmill. Did I kill it? Yes, I did!

Thursday and Friday I pooped out and just went the gym to elliptical. I’m reading a book I don’t really like for my work book club, so using the elliptical is the best way for me to force myself to read. I love reading on the elliptical, I think I could work out for hours if I had a good enough book.

Saturday, Ryan and I went to bike practice and worked on mastering Harlem Hill. I got in about 15 miles and did Harlem hill three times. Last bike work out on my old bike.

Sunday, Ryan and I got in our last long run before Brooklyn Half. There had been some back and forth during the week as to how many miles we’d do. Ryan wasn’t sure when we left the house that we could do much more than 9, but then out of nowhere we pulled out 10.3. Look out Brooklyn, were coming for you!

Goals for the coming week(s):

  1. Dominate Brooklyn Half!
  2. Take my new bike out to the Palisades for some serious hills!
  3. Get back to my weight training (it’s been like 2 weeks and my arms are turning back to spaghetti! oh no! )

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