Sirrah’s Sporadic Training Log: April

April was a challenging training month for me because I started the month with a vacation and ended the month with a vacation (Boohoo poor me). I am terrible at making my self work out while on vacation and both times I managed to get at least a run in, so that’s something to be proud of I guess. I’m a little hard on myself because my workout/ training schedule in April increased to about 5-6 days per week because of Tri training and with all these travel days it’s hard to stay on track.

My ideal schedule this month has been:

Monday: swim practice

Tuesday: group run work out

Wednesday: cross train/ weights

Thursday: bike in AM at gym

Friday: run or weights

Saturday: long bike

Sunday: long run

Last week I got the monday swim and Tuesday run, but Wednesday I wasn’t able to exercise because of a work trip to Long Island in the morning and packing at night (I only pack at the last minute). Thursday I flew to California for my friend’s wedding and Friday I have no excuse. I ate some really good baked goods made by the groom’s brother who is the owner of the Neighbor Bakehouse in San Francisco all day Friday. Not running related, but go eat there. Or run there and then it’ll be healthy! (kinda)

Saturday, my boyfriend and I ran 7.25 miles in beautiful but wicked hilly Monterey. I thought my boyfriend was going to be grumpy about all the hills but instead he shocked me by talking about how he was excited to see our elevation map when we were done. Thank you Garmin.

The long runs have been necessary because of the upcoming Brooklyn Half marathon. After May 16th I’ll be able rest or cross train on Sunday’s which will make the week a little less intense. I’m looking forward to Brooklyn, but training for a half marathon and a triathlon at the same time is exhausting. Clearly, I am not ready for a half Ironman!

As I head into May my main goals are to get through the Brooklyn Half with a smile on my face and to increase the length and difficulty of my bike work outs. I am eyeing a new bike, so I’ll keep y’alls posted on that front. If I get one it will be a huge change as I’ve been riding a heavy (but very reliable) hybrid for the past two years.

Our elevation map from Saturday.

Our elevation map from Saturday.

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