KMoz Training Log: April 20 – April 26

Tri training is kicking into full gear. As always, and as I’ve found this is especially true when training for triathlons, the training can take presidence over other activities. I’m working 11-12 hours a day (something that I think is semi-normal in NYC) so trying to train at all is a challenge, but trying to do more than that is a a whole other challenge. However, this was week 6 of training and only 12 to go! Time to refocus and #BeStrongerThanYourExcuses.

Monday- Swim practice with the team in Brooklyn. I swear we spent half our time doing single arm drill. The purpose is to make you mindful of your stroke (your arm should never cross the center plan of your body, your front hand should stay 12-18 inches below the surface and your body should be in alignment while you’re on your side) and pull through as well as make you comfortable breathing on both sides. This all sounds great until you do the drill and you feel like you’re drowning. I felt like I couldn’t keep my body buoyant and kept sinking into the water. I think I swallowed half the pool trying to breathe. On the bright side, I felt like I was FLYING once we started swimming again and I must have been doing something right because I didn’t make myself nauseous while swimming! WHOOOOOP!!

Tuesday -Team Running Practice in Central Park. We did what was once called the Bridge and Tunnel workout which is its own piece of joyful fun. We warmed up from Columbus Circle to Bethesda Fountain. If you’re familiar with this area, you’ll know there are two staircases and each stair case has two sections, with a small landing in between. I’ve done countless stair repeats here during Spartan Training so I have a special feel of nostalgia. We did three sets of the following:

  • Squat jumps up the first half of stairs, and ran up the second half x 2
  • From there, run West toward Cherry Hill fountain (there’s stairs and hills there too), around the fountain (you’ll pass a bridge there, hence the bridge part of the name) and head back to the Bethesda Fountain. 
  • Cut through and head East toward the Boat House. You’ll go down some MORE stairs, through a thnnel (the tunnel part of the name), around the Alice and Wonderland Pond and back. 

This workout was a doozie and a half, but what doesn’t kill you makes you faster, right?

We survived the Bridge and Tunnel workout and we’re still smiling!

Wednesday: Rest and Physical Therapy Day: my calves are still as tight as can be. I’ve been upgraded to a lacrosse ball and rolling out every day. Hooray. 

God bless Brynn and the entire Finish Line Physical Therapy family!

Thursday: Running Strong Panel! See our review for more information!


Friday: 7 mile run after work through Central Park. Even though I’m training for the Tri, I’m still training for the Citi Field Spartan Sprint and the Air BnB Brooklyn Half. I tried to do a long run the day after a 20 mile bike ride and my legs screamed at me. They were dead. This week I tried switching the order and was very pleased by the result. The activities of the day at work didn’t weigh on me and I was able to run 7 miles at a 9:27 pace. 


Saturday: Bike Practice with the team. We met at 72nd and Riverbank to ride up and over the George Washington Bridge. I’ve gone across on my own from the NJ side, but had never done it from the NY side so I was excited for this workout. The ride itself from our meeting point to the NJ side was only about 7.5 miles, but add in the miles from the Christopher Street Path Stop to the meeting point and from the NJ side of the GWB back to Hoboken I ended the ride with 20 miles under my belt. I drank on the bike but forgot to eat and was a little loopy when I got home. I won’t make that mistake again. 


Sunday Gunday: Gym Day: I’ve been neglecting the Strength/Spartan Training the past few weeks and had been feeling it. Strength training is vital to remaining healthy so I took Sunday very seriously. My workout is below:

  • 2000m row warm up in 9:17
  • Assisted pull ups and dips 
  • 3×15 reps of free weight flys, skull crushers, and bench press
  • 3×10 reps of reverse flys 
  • 1×10 push ups (my arms were shaking so badly I only did one rep out of fear of my arms giving out and smashing my face onto the mat)
  • 50 crunches on an incline
  • 30 sec plank and 30 second bridge 
  • Stretch ms rolling out 

Since I had been neglecting this portion of my training my strength has taken a bit of a backward slide. It’s obvious that I need to keep it up. 

What did you do this past week? What are you most proud of? 

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