Product Review: Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage

IMG_2363I got this water bottle after one of our friends asked us to review it. In general I love things with pockets, so I took it upon myself to go out and test this guy out.

To jump right in: I like it, but it is best used for in gym activities or classes – except the treadmill – because it is too big for carrying while running or biking.

This water bottle is sturdy – I have knocked it over and dropped  it (from low heights) many times now and it is still in one piece and leak free. The mouth is designed so that it wont leak in your bag which is essential for any good water bottle – I can not tell you how many times I’ve soaked everything in my bag from carrying a leaky bottle. The worst.

IMG_2368It is easy to drink from: you push the button on the back of the top as you hold it and the mouth opens. The size though, makes it hard if you’re running on the treadmill to drink without hitting yourself in the face because of the weight of the bottle. I have used it one the treadmill now a few times, and I’ll probably do it again, but it isn’t ideal. The other problem with the size at the gym is that on some machines the cup holders aren’t deep enough for this bottle. It hasn’t ever fallen out while I’ve used it, but I worry about it. IMG_2223Also, when I used the elliptical with moving arms the arm hits the bottle, so if you use that type of elliptical (i don’t normally) then this bottle is definitely not for you.  I do love the size though for hydrating at work. The bottle looks nicer on my desk than my usual plastic sports bottles, and its bigger than my average water bottle,  so I drink more during the day.

I’ve been using the pocket in the bottle to keep my gym card which works great for me. If you use a IMG_2365key lock at the gym, or carry one key for the car or your house, you could definitely keep it in the storage pocket. I don’t think you can get more than one key though. The storage pocket would also be useful for people who keep their workout written down on an index card or piece of paper.

The bottle also has a handle which it looks like could be hooked onto something. I haven’t done that because I have my doubts as to how the handle would hold up when the bottle is full. I do use the handle a lot though when I’m carrying the bottle around to different stations on strength days.

I don’t take a lot of classes, but i think this bottle would be ideal for a class scenario because it is easier to drink from than a sports top, and because it seals shut when you stop squeezing it, there is no risk of it spilling if it gets knocked over. It also holds enough to get you through a long class. Whenever I make it back to that boxing class that always kicks my butt, I’ll be bringing this bottle along to help get me through well hydrated.

If you’re looking for a new large water bottle for the gym, classes, or regular old hydrating for life, I recommend this bottle.

$12.53 on Amazon (prime), 24oz, blue and purple.

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