KMOZ Training Log: Tri your hardest 

This marks our second week of Tri training and my goal for this season is to leave it all out on the field. I don’t want to leave a work out or a practice feeling like I’ve had more to give or that I was conservative in my effort. The only way I’m going to get better, faster, stronger is to get over this fear of failure. What that’s meant so far:

Monday – Swim

I make myself seasick while swimming. It’s just something I’m working through and I’ve heard it’s not THAT uncommon. I really have to focus on my form, alignment and rotation in swim practice. This week I got caught up with not falling behind (there were some super advanced swimmers in my lane and I let my pride get the best of me) and going quickly rather than focusing. HOWEVER, I wasn’t as nauseous as I have been in recent swim sessions. Maybe this means I can get over it if I try not to think about it? We shall see!

Tuesday – Run practice with Team in Training

We warmed up from Columbus Circle to Bethesda where we performed a series of drills: high knee walks, butt kicks, skipping for height, skipping for distance and then four sets of stair repeat drills at Bethesda Fountain with quick feet and high knees. We ran two 8 minute out-and-backs (up the stairs, down the mall, left onto east driveflr4 minutes and back). The purpose of these OABs was to practice effort and pacing. I was able to push my comfort level on these and happily achieved negative splits. Now, these were very short OABs, but it’s a good start. In true Tri fashion we recovered back to Colmubus circle for squats, planks more squats and stretching. 

Wednesday – Rest Day hanging out with Mozzy Man!

Thursday – Stair repeats!

Warm up counterclockwise to Bethesda, ascending stair repeats (3, 4, 5) with Alice and Wonderland pond loops. On 4 and 5 reps include the hill. Recover back to Columbus circle.

Friday – Rest day – fundraiser for team Go Big or Go Home! 

Saturday – GTS with Team in Training! 

2.5 mi prior to practice (from W72nd to E100 and down to Engineer’s Gate. 


Practice: Warm up north. Drills of high knees, butt kicks, skipping, dynamic stretching and fast feet with two and and backs. End at Engineer’s Gate. 

Followed by gear clinic at Urban Athletics on the UES. Thanks for your hospitality guys! 


Sunday – Spartan Day

With only 40ish days left until the Citi Field Spartan Sprint, Scott and I do Spartan workouts that I’ve adapted from my Spartan season with Team in Training. In practice, we did the main set with our sandbags. My sandbag, Darla, is leaky and needs to be repaired so I did the below as body weight exercises only. 


The workout is below:

Run to the amphitheater

Warm up (45 seconds on, 5 seconds rest)

Push ups


Mountain Climbers


Front plank

Main set (3 reps. 45 second sets, 5 second test between)  


Push ups


Box jumps

Front plank 

Run around playground

Run up 5th Street stairs, down ramp and back x 3

Recover run to 10th street park 


Once we got home, I broke in my new CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer. I rode my bike for 30 minutes. My legs tired more quickly than I had anticipated but I was happy to get it done. 

How did your week go? What are you most proud of? 

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