Sirrah’s Sporadic Training Log: March 16-22




Triathlon training Week 1
Monday: One hour swim practice. We probably actually swam for about 30 minutes because there was some introduction as it was our first swim practice and then the coaches demonstrated the drills we’d be doing.
We did about 200m warm up free style and then a few different rotation drills interspersed with 50m freestyle to focus on the drill skill. I have a really hard time breathing on my left side. I’d rather breath every four strokes than every three if every other isn’t an option.

Tuesday: Group Run. The triathlon team Tuesday runs are never simple. It can’t just be – run for 4 miles, or even – run up and down this hill. It’s always – squats, step-ups, stairs, run a hill, come back and repeat. This week, the first Tuesday, the coaches just threw us in to the fun with basically that work out. A warm up run to Bethesda terrace, step-ups on the benches, push-ups on the benches, squats, then we ran down the Bethesda middle steps, up the side steps, then up around Cherry Hill and back to the start. We repeated three times and then cooled down back to Columbus Circle. All in all about 4.5 miles of fun. My legs are tired.

Wednesday: I had plans to go to the gym this morning, but my gym buddy texted at 6am that she was sleeping in and I followed suit.

Thursday: Made it to the gym this morning! Biking was on the schedule and so I cranked out 11 miles on the stationary bike. This is my first time biking in months. My butt is not happy.

Friday: Strength training! Ryan has been reading articles and watching videos about weight training to get ideas for our workouts.IMG_2266 This week he had us do more sets of lower reps. I started off grumpy when he had me bench pressing the bar cause I was impatient to do more, then we worked up to my highest set ever. So I need to maybe check that attitude, cause I guess he totally knows what he’s doing (don’t tell him I said that).

Saturday: Triathlon group run. Let me amend what I said on Tuesday – No triathlon team run is ever simple, not just Tuesdays. The run consisted of mile long out-and-backs, with sets of squats in between. I’ll be thankful for this in July, but man my legs were tired today. Maybe doing all those squats on Friday wasn’t such a great idea.

IMG_2258The best part of today’s run was that  I got to use my new toy! These week I bought myself a new Garmin watch (the 220). Ryan has it, Katie has it, Katie’s husband has it. I’d been eyeing it for a long time and it was sitting in my Amazon cart for weeks, but I get anxiety about buying stuff over $100 so I’d been sitting on it. Finally Ryan told me to “treat yo self,” and I pulled the trigger!



I love this watch! I sinks via bluetooth   with my phone so I don’t even have to plug it into my computer (something I am too lazy to do) . And it makes pretty graphs of my elevation, pace and cadence changes.

Sunday: Pretty much a rest day. I did get on my bike for the first time in months though (to bike to a bakery so does not count as exercise). In the course of that bike ride, one of my brake cables disconnected from the lever and someone hit me with their side-view mirror while taking a narrow turn. I was ok (although I did some pretty heavy cursing at the car) and my bike was ok once I stopped and reattached the break cable. Anyway, I’m ready for bike season to start again now, and I got some delicious cupcakes so it was a pretty successful rest day.

Goals for the week: I did an ok job with last weeks goals which included getting in 2 swims, 2 strength days, a bike and a swim. As you can see I failed on the 2 strength days – but I did get in some strength during my group runs so I’m going to go ahead and say I did pretty good.

For next week: uh…so… I’m going on vacation. This is going to be hard. I leave Thursday morning and come back the following Tuesday. So this is my delusion plan: swim Monday, run Tuesday, bike or strength (both?!) Wednesday. Then get in whatever workout I can at the hotel Saturday and Sunday, hopefully another run and strength. Oh, also get sun. Cause I’m going to Sunny California where it definitely will not snow and everyone knows getting a tan is an important part of triathlon training!

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