NYC Tri: See You In The Hudson

Fear is an excellent motivator. In a way, it’s what drove me to register for and complete my first Olympic Triathlon in 2013. I would think “how can you know your limits if you’re not willing to test them?” or “anyone can just run. It takes a special type of crazy to swim and bike as well.” The fear of letting myself down is what drove me to follow our 19 week training plan almost to a tee (while still training for a half marathon). My hard work paid off and had a fantastic race. There were moments where I’d look at my friends who jumped in on the run and said “this is it! This is my triathlon! I’m going to be a triathlete!”

The truth of the matter is, training for that triathlon was the hardest thing I’ve ever done before or since. Not so much the race, but the training. Keep in mind this is someone who’s completed in three marathons, 18 half marathons and four obstacle course races. The training is hard so you can race at your best. The training transforms your muscles and mindset so you can sustain the level of drive throughout 32ish miles spanning three sports. 

Once I had completed the 2013 NYC Triathlon I went through a withdrawal. It was like I had broken up with a sport I had learned to love because I needed to focus on training for the NYC Marathon. This year I am getting back into the Hudson to reunite with a sport I love. The fear is still there. My job is more involved now with longer hours, I’m mentoring with Team in Training this season, campaigning for my friend Jules to win LLS Woman of the Year by raising $50,000 and I’m trying to be the best wife I can be. Can I still perform and train to the level that I know I’m capable of? The fear isn’t of being able to complete the distance, but of being able to give my all in all aspects of my life. As I mentioned, fear is the best motivator. I’ll see you in the Hudson. 

One thought on “NYC Tri: See You In The Hudson

  1. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. Don’t over think training and listen to body and go with the flow. You’ll find in the end you’ll kick major butt!

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