Keep it Honest: New Years Resolution Status Update

Back on the last day of 2014, we laid down some resolutions. Now we have to fess up to how we’ve been doing…




1. Conquer Fear of Open Water:  This ones going to be hard to really tackle until it’s warm enough to actually get into open water. In the meantime though, I’ve been working on my swimming skills in the pool. I’ve been swimming with one of my tri teams, Queensboro Tri, on Sundays. In the coming months I want to buckle down and try to start adding a second day of swim to my schedule. It’s been hard to get to Sunday swim every week, so weekday swims will be clutch.

2. Strength Training: I’ve been good so far, but this is another one where I need to kick it up a notch. I’ve been going to the gym to do weights about once a week, but it’s time to start upping the frequency. I’ve definitely seen improvement so far which is totally awesome! I’ve got like half a muscle budding on each arm.

Another new sub goal is to get more comfortable doing the weights on my own- not with my boyfriend. I like the comfort of him planning our workouts, because I always felt totally lost in the weight section of the gym. Now that I know much more what I’m doing, I need to get it into my head that I belong there along with all the other folks that look like weight pros.

My big goal is to get across the monkey bars. I’m not there yet, but i’m working on my grip strength now and hopefully that will give me a boost in my monkey bar ability.

3. Seek out new races: Last weekend I looked at this and was like, oh yeah! So i signed up for a new race (to me): the Prospect Park Track Club Cherry Tree 10 Miler put on by NYC Runs. I’ve also got a couple other new ones (again to me) in my future: The BAA 5K (by no means a new race) and the Wineglass Half Marathon. I’m still on the look out for small races around the city but as triathlon training increases it’s going to be harder to fit races into my schedule, so I may have to pick this goal up again in August. I would love suggestions of races you guys hear about. I’m happy to try them out for you.


1. Take Training Plans More Seriously: Life has gotten in the way of my NYC Half training plan. I am changing jobs and personal obligations and blah blah blah.. I am making excuses. I need to suck it up buttercup and get my training back on track. I am excited that my new office is downtown and I will have new places to explore on my runs! The NYC Half will be a rough run for me but it’s not my last half ever. I plan to train harder and smarter for Brooklyn. No more excuses.

2. Cross-train: This hasn’t happened yet.. See my list of excuses from my 1st resolution. I paid for kickboxing classes so I need to get my butt on the mat and train. My new office is farther away from the kickboxing studio so I need to make a conscious effort to go at least 2-3x a week.

3. Run More OCRs– My first Spartan race is in May and Sirrah found this awesome OCR for August! New York City Challenge takes place on Randall’s Island so not only will we run a fun OCR, we will have killer views of the city–expect awesome photos on our social media pages! We ran Hoboken City Challenge last year and had fun, i just hope this race involves less emails..


I still think giving this statue a love tap before each run gives you good luck.

I still think giving this statue a love tap before each run gives you good luck.

1. Continue to make time for my friends, husband and family while training and working: Work has gotten the best of me lately, but last week started a whole new training mindset. I made plans to swim (ended up not going because I didn’t read the Open Swim schedule properly), started running hill repeats again and making plans with friends and loved ones. It also helps that Scott has started training for the NYRR Brooklyn Half so we’re motivating each other. As the old saying goes, if it’s important to you you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

2. Compete in two Olympic triathlons: I still haven’t signed up for Challenge Rev 3 or any other Triathlon besides the NYC Triathlon. Typically, fear is an excellent motivator and it carried me through my first Olympic Triathlon training season, but right now it’s just a deterrent. That and knowing that if I was signed up for Rev 3, I should have started training in January.

3. Complete an unassisted pull up: While I haven’t used the assisted pull up machine more than twice this year, I have been strength training! See number 4 for details.

sweat puddle4. Continue to strength train: I’ve been upping my weight using 10lb free weights for flys, a 25 lb barbell for skull crushers and bench presses, a 12 kg kettlebell for swings and goblet squats and an 18lb barbell for squats and deadlifts. It may not seem like a lot, but every rep and session continues to build strength for a more efficient body. I’ve also been adding more cardio to my strength days. I was running a mile or biking for 15 minutes to warm up, but now I’ve added a 2000m row session at the end to test my limits. I even have the sweat puddles to prove it.

IMG_54045. Get back into PR worth shape: Hill repeats, strength training and learning how to better pace myself have been the name of the game the past few months. While Sirrah and I ran the NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half together, Sirrah noticed that I have a lot of energy and can go at a fast pace, I just don’t pace myself to conserve energy and tire myself out fairly quickly. I’m working on some mind games to keep this from happening. My plan is to test myself at a race TBD and hopefully go for the gold at the Brooklyn Half.

6. Blog as much as I can: I’ve blogged 5 times since the new year and I feel pretty dang good about it! So far we’ve been discussing races, reviewing products, and writing training logs.What else do you want to hear about?

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