Sirrah’s Sporadic Training Log: March 9th-March 15th

Last week I was gearing up for the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon! This was the last week before triathlon training starts! Sh*t is gonna get real!


Monday:Ryan and I hit the gym for some strength training. This is the screen shot of the app I’m using. I accidentlly hit finish before I was finished so it didn’t record the farmers walks that I did. It was my first time doing farmers walks, which if you don’t know, is just walking around holding a really heavy weight in each hand. It’s boring and hard imo, but clearly useful cause I’m way more likely to be walking around the city holding heavy bags then to suddenly have to bench press something.

Tuesday :Pre-dinner elliptical. In general if I’m on the elliptical it’s because I’m resting my legs or because I want to read a book. Tonight it was both. Also I had dinner plans to eat some delicious Thai food, so I wanted to burn some calories to make room to stuff my face with spicy noodles.

Wednesday: REST DAY (I feel so lazy…and well rested)

Thursday: Pre-work elliptical. All the same motivations as Tuesday, just replace Thai dinner with work-place candy. …I need to eat better.

Friday: REST DAY. Rest is important, particularly on race week!

Saturday: Strength workout. Was this a bad idea the day before a half? Time will tell.  (Barbell weight includes 45lb bar, it is not in addition to the bar.)


medalsSunday: RACE DAY!! This was my 7th NYC Half and my 22nd half marathon! I was  surprised when I figured that one out! I’ve been pretty busy since I started running eight years ago! It was a great day for a half despite some strong wind which luckily only hit me at the end.

Doing weights the day before didn’t really hurt me during the race, but it did mean that after the race I was pretty sore all over my body not just my legs. Thank you Advil.

Goals for next week: Monday is my first swim practice with Team in Training (TNT) for the season; Tuesday the first run, and Saturday the first long run, so it’ll be a big week with the new TNT team. I want to get two days of strength in there, but Ryan is going away this weekend, and I’m busy after work basically everyday, so I may need to push myself to go on my own at least once. I also need to get a bike in (indoors or out).  So that’s 2 runs, a swim, a bike, and 2 strength days. Let Tri training begin! 

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