Product Review: Oiselle Training Journal

Let me preface this by saying I am a sucker for good marketing and inspirational messaging. I wrote “Just Keep Running” on my wrist during my first marathon, I bought temporary tattoos of my spirit animal (a great white shark) for inspiration and protection during my first triathlon, I have a bible quote from Rocky Balboa (yes, THAT one) on my desk at work, and I even had the pinterest quote “Cowards never start. The weak never finish. Winners never quit.” as my phone wall paper for 9 months (until Scott and I got married because…we got married). I LOVE this stuff. I eat it up. It helps me stay motivated.

Enter the world of Oiselle, a Portland based running brand that sponsors two of my favorite elite runners: Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman. They also have one of the best brand tag lines around: “head up. Wings out.” (Oiselle is French for bird.) Lauren and one of her friends created the Believe Training Journal and posted it on her blog. I was intrigued but needed some time. A few months afterward I purchased the journal and a water canteen with my Christmas money.



I was very excited to receive my journal!


First Training Log!

First Training Log!

FullSizeRender (2)

To make goals real they should be written in INK.












I love the set up of this journal. It’s really set up for the user to train for their goals, keep track of an entire year and check in on their training. Each day you log your mileage and rank your workout. I love quantifiable goals so I like that there’s an adherent section for self reflection. It’s helping determine how I’m improving time and endurance wise. For example, I did 25 50m laps in the pool and was only KINDA nauseous at the end. What’d I do differently? Or I run the same route multiple times and compare my pre-workout snack, hydration and performance to see what’s working the best. This also has me working out with that ranking system in mind. “I can do better than that” or “My arms collapsed while trying to do a burpee after an arm workout. This warrants an 8.”

I think the hardest part of using the journal for me was actually writing my goals down. What if I put wrote them (in ink) and I never accomplished them or even come close? I know this is only for me, but writing them down makes them real. While celebrating Margarita Monday with my friend Abby, I found the courage and the determination to finally inspire myself. 2015 is the year to get things back on track and I’m determined to do so, with my journal in hand.

All in all I absolutely love my training journal and can’t wait to see how I improve throughout the year with all my training. Check back in with me and I’ll share how my goals are taking shape. Head Up. Wings Out.

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