Sirrah’s Sporadic Training Log: February 17-23


Ryan got me this awesome sweatshirt (it’s wicked warm) for valentine’s day! …and candy!

Monday: I had a very nice (read: lots of candy) Valentine’s Day, so Monday when I came back from my vacation (on which I walked a lot but did not work out one bit) I needed to hit the gym! My gym buddy, Carrie, and I met up in the afternoon and went to our local NYSC. I did a short long run (which felt like a long long run cause it was all on the treadmill) of 5.4 miles at 9:30 pace.

Tuesday: I rested like a champ.

Wednesday: I went to the gym in the morning with Carrie and did the elliptical machine which is my favorite cardio machine because I can read on it.

After work, Katie bullied me into running hills with her in the cold, dark park. Turns out, I REALLY need to run hills. Katie has not only gotten much faster than me overall, she was killing the hills like they were bumps in the road. I on the other hand thought I was going to puke at the top of each and every one.  It snowed on us, which was awesome. Did 4.46 hilly miles at 9:30 pace.

Thursday: I picked stuff up and put it down! Went to the gym with Ryan after work to do weights. I’m trying out an app to record my strength training because up until now I’ve been keeping notes in the Notes app on my iphone which has gotten unruly. The app is Fitocracy and I’ll review it after I’ve been using it a month.


Half the workout is finding the weights! Thanks NYSC!

Plank: 1 min
Barbell incline Bench Press: bar 3 x8
Seated row machine: 50lb 10, 60lb 2×10
Pull downs: 70lbs 3×10
Tricep push down: 30lb 3(I tried, man), 25lbs 5, 8,8
Dumbbell lateral raises: 7.5lbs 3×10

Friday: Rested like a warm lazy person. It was all polar vortexy out so I stayed in and ate food.

Saturday: Long run outside with Ryan! East River was frozen but it was almost 30 degrees out so it felt nice and warm compared to the past few weeks.  Did 7.83 miles at a 10:30 pace.



Pretty view of Astoria

Sunday: 1.5 hour Swim class with Ryan! We had a nice 2 mile walk to Roosevelt Island where our class takes place, and it was super pretty out. I don’t know how many meters we swam in all because I’m terrible at counting- lots of laps of kicking drills though. I can really motor when I’m just kicking, but when I put it all together I get slow and tired. My lanemate and I were talking about how when you’re doing drills you start to feel like a pro, and then the coach tells you to put it all together and focus on four things at once and you’re back to thrashing around the water like a drowning fool. So, basically, more swimming needed for me.

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