KMOZ training log: Feb 16 – Feb 22

I killed it this past week. The week of Feb 9 is when I decided to not let my work schedule define my work out schedule as much as it had been. We all know that sometimes deadlines and work get in the way of your life, but I’ve been working to find the perfect balance.

Monday: President’s Day!
I celebrated my day off from work with a lovely 32 minute 0.7mi swim at Stevens Institute of Technology. I have issues with my swimming form: I move my head too much from side-to-side when I breathe. Because of this, I make myself seasick and incredibly nauseous. It’s something that I struggled with when I was training for the 2013 NYC Triathlon and for the first time in a WHILE, I was only barely nauseous while swimming! HECK YES!

Tuesday: Leg day
2000m row warm up in 9:32:08 (26 seconds faster than last week!)
15 min bike (1 min warm, 40 sec hard, 20 sec recover and repeat. 3 minutes cool down)
3 sets of the below
10 burpees
18 lb barbell squats (15 reps)
12 kg figure 8s (15 reps)
12 kg goblet squats (15 reps)
10 lunges
15 calf raises

30 sec bridge, front plank, side plank (both sides)


Wednesday: Hill Repeats aka What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Faster
I thought Sirrah was going to kill me. Not only did we do 5 Cat Hill repeats, but it started snowing everywhere (or as I like to call it, snow globbing); it was in our eyes on the way up and down. Sirrah was a champ and didn’t complain or threaten to kill me once!


Saturday: Long Run
8 mi long run: it was so cold I had sweat freeze in my hair and on my jacket. It was awesome.



Sunday Gunday!
You know it’s bad when you try to do burpees after your first weight set and your right arm collapses. Or a good thing because you know you’re giving it your all.
2 x 15 free weight flys with 12.5lb weight, 1 x 15 with 10lb
3 x 15 inclined skull crushers with 25lb barbell
3 x 15 inclined bench press with 25 lb barbell
1 set of 10 burpees (I really thought my arms would give up on me if I did any more)
2 sets of 10 modified push ups
Descending ladder of 12kg kettlebell (15, 12, 10 reps)
Descending ladder of 16 lb ball slams (15, 12, 10 reps)
1000m row in 5 minutes (aimed for 2000m but my body almost shut down on me)

All in all I’m extremely happy with this week’s progress. I can’t wait to see what kind of progress I can make toward my goals if I can keep this up. What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?

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