Product Review: Qalo Ring

Scott and I got engaged while I was in deep in training for the 2013 NYC Marathon. After we returned from vacation and training started again I started asking around. “What do you do with your ring when you run?” I didn’t know if I should risk running with it (what if some freak accident caused it to fly off my finger, the diamond to fall out or, the more realistic option, it would get gross from all my sweat?) I settled on safety pinning it inside a tiny plastic bag inside my runners belt pocket, which is not very safe, or just not wearing it at all. I felt like I was cheating on the promise we were making to each other (I know how sentimental it sounds and I’m not apologizing for it). Also, when I started to strength train, lift and do burpees in preparation for my first Spartan race, I sure as hell didn’t watch scratch or damage it.

I was introduced to the Qalo ring through a Spartan Chicked Facebook group. This is a group of women who love OCRs, are committed to a healthy lifestyle and love to motivate each other. Someone posted a similar question to the one I had been posing for a year and the answer is the Qalo Ring ring. Made of medical grade silicone, the Qalo ring is perfect for construction workers, engineers, firefighters, etc. who aren’t able to wear a wedding band during their day-to-day activities because it could cause physical harm to them, but still want to honor their commitment to their loved one. They’re also perfect for athletes like me and the ladies of the Spartan Chicked community. Some ask, “why not simply go without?” It’s in the vows: the ring represents their love even when your partner isn’t present and it’s something to be taken seriously.


I have purchased three: one lime for the Fenway Spartan Sprint (that I forgot in my friend’s car, wasn’t able to wear for the race then promptly lost afterward), a navy and a hunter green. I wanted to leave one at the office/keep in my wallet for gym days and one at home for when I ventured out from there. My favorite color is the navy, but they both fit very well.

Color Options
It was hard for me to pick which color I wanted, which is why I’ve bought three rings. The selection is a little limited, but they offer a standard offering of black, grey, white with fashion colors and designs such as purple, pink and camo (outdoor). They also offer variety packs for those who are especially indecisive or who just want options.
*Additional note, not all colors that are shown on their site’s marketing photography are available. There’s a teal ring I would LOVE, but it seems to be part of a past offering.

Sizing and Comfort
Qalo offers standard sizing of rings. My wedding ring is 6.25 so I sized up to a 7. It’s a little loose but comfortable when I warm and and inevitably swell.

$15.99 plus tax and shipping for women’s rings; $19.99 for men’s.

Customer Service
I lost my email confirmation for my first order and their online customer service was prompt and polite.

If anyone is looking for a wedding band alternative or for an option to wear while you swim, bike, run, crawl and burpee I highly recommend Qalo rings. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section!

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