Sirrah’s sporadic training log: lifting weights and dodging ice

Saturday my boyfriend and I went out to run together which we often do on Saturdays. This week we were faced with the most annoying of the winter weather conditions. No, not the snow that seemed to coincide exactly with our hour of running- that was pretty. Not the cold weather- it was relatively warm (30!). It was the treacherous half shoveled sidewalks!!

The run was comprised of alternating bursts of running followed by careful penguin shuffles over ice patches. Once we got down to Astoria Park there was about a mile stretch by the water that was cleared but the rest of the run was so frustrating and potentially dangerous to a klutz like me, that we cut it short.

You know you’ve had a good workout when lifting the shampoo bottle makes your arms feel tired. That was me Sunday, it was totally pathetic.IMG_2135.. and awesome. I’ve been doing weights about once a week for the past couple months, usually on Sundays, and I’m finally starting to get it. Last week, I got annoyed for the first time when my boyfriend (who is my weight coach) told me to do less weight on one rep – I was like, “No! I can do more!!” This week I got excited when I had small gains on two exercises. I’m starting to set goals like I do with running which makes me excited to keep coming back.

All this might sound stupid to someone who already has a well rounded workout, but for so long I’ve been all about the legs – and by that I mostly mean running. I bike sometimes, I elliptical often at the gym, I love me some squats ( I once challenged a friend to a squat off at a birthday party – we had to call it a tie at like 3 minutes). My boyfriend on the other hand had no love for running when we met and has a ton of experience in the weight room. So he started running with me, and after a pathetic attempt at the monkey bars during the city challenge last year, I started strength training with him.

This week felt harder than normal because we had gone to our swim class in the morning on Sunday and the swim coaches had really kicked our butts (or arms, in this case). This week our workout consisted of:

Overhead dumbbell presses: I did 1 set of 10 with 15 lbs; 1 of 5 with 17.5; and 1 of 8 with 15lbs. I have been on 15lbs for 2 months and it’s feeling easy, but turned out 2.5 lbs is no small jump for me. I want to move up though so I’ll try 17.5 again next week!

Pull down machine: 70lbs – 10,8, and 8. This one changes drastically depending on the width of my grip. wide grip at 70lbs is still killer for me.

Bench press- 10 with the bar, and then 3 sets of 8 with 5lbs! This is the first time I’ve comfortably done 8 with 5lbs so I was pretty excited!

Standing Row machine- I am not a fan of this thing as it squishes my boobs. I did three sets of 8 with 25lbs and was grumpy about it the whole time.

seated dip machine- This is the first time I’ve used this machine. You get to wear a seat-belt on this one if you want (sorry I didn’t get a picture) so that is cool, but so far not my favorite. I did two sets at 60lbs and one of 9 at 70lbs – so still figuring out my weight for this one if we do it again.

Planked – 55 seconds

Hanging – I like to see how long I can hang 1. to improve my grip strength, and 2. to make me feel like I’m moving closer to my goal of mastering the monkey bars. My record right now is 41 seconds. This week it was 37.

This coming week I’m nervous about getting my runs and weights in, and I’m definitely missing my swim because I’ll be away all weekend on vacation. I always have great intentions when I’m on vacation to work out and then eating and napping and other great vacation activities get in the way. Wish me luck.

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