KMoz Training Log: Ow my legs!

This week was a long one at work, working 11-12 hours every day. I get in around 7:30am (I’m hoping that will change within the next month), so I leave my apartment around 6:45am. My gym doesn’t open until 5:30am so working out in the morning isn’t really an option for me. That being said, I was able to get one solid hill workout on Tuesday:

Capture 1

I ran from Columbus circle north to the 72nd transverse, completed 5 Strawberry Field Hill repeats (hard continuous effort up the W 72nd entrance to the park, down the ramp and recover back to the start) then head back south to Columbus Circle.

Over the holiday weekend I wanted to take advantage of my time and get in as many workouts as I could:

Saturday: 8 mi long run (last one before next weekend’s NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half). It was so cold the sweat froze to my jacket!



Sunday: Gym workout: 1 mi run on the treadmill, 3 x 15 of upper body with weight skull crushers, dumbbell flies, bench press, and a ladder kettle ball work out of swings, goblet squats, figure eights and ball slaps with ascending reps (4, 8, 12, 16).

Monday: Gym workout: 20 minutes of rowing, 3 sets of 10: squats, deadlifts, walking lunges and 2 sets of 30 seconds of body weight exercises including donkey kicks (30 sec on each side), fire hydrants (30 sec on each side), lower body bridge and Russian twists. Apparently I thought my legs had healed from my long run, but oh how I was mistaken. My quads and hamstrings are on fire! However, I have been stretching and rolling out. See the below photo to prove it:



See how excited I am?

It’s very easy to get overzealous and try to make up for workouts you’ve missed or know you will be missing int he week to come. Thankfully, I still have six days to recover before Sunday’s race! What did you do this week?

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