KMoz Training log: Jan 5 – Jan 11

We all know that runs are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Sometimes your legs are made of lead, making you believe that they had a fight and broke up with your brain because they will not talk to each other anymore. Then there are the training runs where the universe aligns perfectly and you know everything you’ve ever done has lead to this one moment. That’s the kind of run I experienced this morning.


The week of New Year’s I was aggressive:
Dec 31: 3 mi run to round out the year (completed 805.1 in 2014)
Jan 1: gym workout
Jan 2: 6 mi rub
Jan 3: gym workout
Jan 4: rest

After coming back to work and life, I had to pull back just a bit:

Jan 5: 4 mi run including Cat hill repeats in the Park
Jan 6: rest
Jan 7: gym workout
Jan 8 and 9: rest
Jan 10: glorious 7 mi run
Jan 11: gym workout


Now, today’s 7 mi run was better than expected. It felt like 5 degrees as I began so I was layered up well I didn’t have high expectations for this run because of the cold, but I settled into a pace early that felt easy enough to maintain. It wasn’t until my turnaround point at mile 3.5 when I realized that I was running a mostly flat pace. At mile 5 I thought, maybe I really can keep this up for another 2 miles. Thankfully I did.


In all honesty, it could have been the cold that keep my legs moving. My toes were numb for the first mile, my ears burned around 4 (my turnaround sent me straight into the wind) and I was snotty as a toddler by the end of my run, but I was able to keep moving and stay warm. I hope this is a sign of things to come, but one glorious run is not always an indicator of increased endurance performance. I’m going to have to keep training, doing hill repeats and strength training to get back into PR shape. Let’s keep me honest, continue to check in and make sure I don’t waiver. I will always appreciate your help.

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