Flavor of the month: Honey Stingers Chocolate Waffles

In the 4.5 years I’ve been running I have tried many different types and flavors of nutrition. I experiment, find my go-to gel and stay loyal until I’ve eaten so much so often it comes a favorite food group. One of my favorite companies is Honey Stinger. They provide all natural, honey based endurance nutrition spanning from gels, organic chews, organic waffles, energy bars, protein bars and actual honey. I was first introduced to honey stingers by a friend of mine on a long run along the West Side Highway. I was growing tired of my Espresso Love GU packets and this seemed to be a great, healthy option. I became hooked on the gold and chocolate options. Fast forward to my triathlon training in the Spring/Summer of 2013 when I was introduced to their waffles. They’re a great option as a snack on the bike or pre/post workout snacks. I like to think of myself as a coordinated person, but for the life of me, I can’t quite grasp the concept of eating while running or biking. It makes me nervous. The last thing I need to is bite my tongue off or become so unfocused on the act of running/biking that I trip, fall and knock a few teeth out (this is a legitimate fear of mine).

honey stingersMonday night I dropped my things off in a locker at the NY Running Company in the Time Warner Center (if you’ve never done this I highly recommend it. They’ll watch your things for free and I’ve never had any issues there), ran counterclockwise up Central Park’s lower loop, completed four cat hill repeats and finished my run back down the lower loop to Columbus Circle. It was the perfect chilly night for a 4 mile run.

I returned to the NYRC to grab my things and realized I had forgotten my post-workout snack. I’ve found this extremely beneficial in my workout recovery and it makes the commute back to Hoboken, NJ much more pleasant. I browsed their vast nutrition section and found a new (to me) flavor of honey stingers waffle: Chocolate. As I’ve mentioned before, these are delicious, but Chocolate had reached a new flavor of amazing. It tasted like a healtheir version of s’mores Pop Tarts. It could have been that I was tired, dehyrdated and hopped up on endorphins, but at that moment it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I actually texted four people about it and posted it as my Facebook status. There’s not a lot about race and training nutrition in the past that’s made me THIS excited, but I will absolutely be ordering a case of these to have on-hand in the upcoming training months.

What’s your favorite nutrition? What else have I been missing out on? Let us know in the comments section!

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