Warm hands, warm heart


When it’s cold, I get super cold fingers and become a total whiny baby about life, so hand warmers are a big part of my winter. On Marathon Sunday I got to a chance to try out my boyfriend’s new toy: the Zippo reusable hand warmer .

Here’s the deal – you have to provide the lighter fluid, so it is more high maintenance than a disposable hand warmer, but it is reusable so you don’t have to worry about finding the right aisle in the store where the hand warmers are hidden the night before your cold weather excursion. Once the warmer is lit you can’t turn it off – it will eventually cool down on its own. Mine lasted all day out at the marathon – 8+ hours.

It will run you about $14 plus the cost of the lighter fluid, which in the long run is a savings over buying disposable hand warmers over and over again. I still think the disposable ones are best for when you’re going out for the day and aren’t sure when/if your fingers are going to start wimping out (plus the disposable ones come in a handy pair, and fit nicely in gloves which is nice), but this guy is great for when you know you’re going to be out in the cold for hours freezing your fingers off. I’d use it again for cheering or winter sports like skiing. I just need to buy another one so I have one for each pocket. I guess I also need to make my boyfriend forget that this one is his.

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