Race Review: Jingle Bell Jog

Jingle Bell Jog 4 Miler
December 6, 2014
Prospect Park, Brooklyn
New York Road Runners race benefiting their youth running programs
I am in search of the best holiday race, so this is the first of my three holiday race reviews of races i can easily get to from my house. If any of you have favorite holiday races, please share in the comments!


I got to run this race with a few friends, which is the way any holiday race should be run! It was a pretty crappy rainy day, but the rain held off until we were done with the race. I think Prospect Park is actually kind of pretty on grey days, and it wasn’t too cold. There were a lot of costumes (sorry I failed to get pictures of the dude dressed as Elf, but he was there and he was awesome),  everyone had bells on their shoes, and we all got hot chocolate at the end. 4 miles of holiday cheer accomplished.

Race Stats:

Race Price:1 –  $50  – too much, imo, for a 4 mile race that doesn’t leave the park.

Race Organization: 4 – One thing  I really like about NYRR races is that they have the organization down. I’m only taking one point off because the start area and bag check were very confusing and hard to navigate and the volunteers were surprisingly unfriendly about the situation. In there defense, it’s possible bag check had been moved from the lawn because of the rain.

Level of Communication: 5 – NYRR is good about getting all the race info to you, and their website has all the information you need about how to get to the start if you can’t find your emails.

Race Course: 4 – Hilly ole Prospect Park! The course was good, the biggest hill was in the first half which was nice.

Swag: 3 – NYRR gave out bells to put on our shoes, which was great! …until they fell off. They must have gone with the discount zip ties this year, because they were breaking left and right and bells were strewn all over Prospect Park.  Also,  people who signed up in advanced  were entered into a weekly raffle drawing, which I’d like more if I’d won, but I like the idea.

T shirt: 5 – SOCKS! we got super cute red a white socks instead of shirts. I loved this. I have so many shirts, and i will definitely use these socks again (although let see what happens when I was them). They were a little tight in the calf, but they stayed up the whole race so pretty successful.

Medal: N/A 

Post Race Swag: 5 – Hot Chocolate and green and red bagels (the red ones were candy cane shaped!) in addition to water and apples.

Spectator Support: 3 – It was a crappy day so I don’t blame people for not coming out, but it was pretty quiet out there.

Overall Score: 3.75

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