Just Keep Racing Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the Just Keep Racing bloggers want to provide you with a few ideas for the runner/endurance athlete in your life. These are perfect to get someone motivated to start a training program or for the seasoned athlete.

Sirrah’s picks

blurgI’m a big fan of The Oatmeal, and if you are too you may remember an awesome comic he did sometime last year about why he runs long distance. It spoke to my sleep-loving, candy-eating soul. Now he has written a book of the same name . He writes that the book is about running, cupcakes and suffering. Sounds like my training routine!






I love Sparkly Soul headbands They are super cute (I may have worn mine to work before), and they hold my giant mass of hair in place during races. They also have a whole charity race team line of headbands for which they donate part of the proceed to the charity.

Discount Deal: 15% off  and free shipping on orders over $25 through 12/15 with the code: HOLIDAY




I need some new running tights for the winter! I have only one pair of full length running tights that I have worn out over the past few years. I’m not picky about my running clothes as long as there are no weird seems. These tights from Sugio are fleece lined, have a draw string, and are not crazy expensive at $56.

These compression tights from Under Armor are even cheaper at $50 and got good reviews.

As I haven’t bought new tights in years, I’d love suggestions from any readers who have a favorite type!



run-bottom-middle-largeI’m super clumsy, but I’m also signed up for some winter races. I need some Yaktrax to keep me from busting my face during snowy runs. I have never used these, but I have friends who do and say they work great. They fit over your running shoes and give you the traction you need to not fall on your butt when running on packed snow.






Last year during the NYC Triathlon my goggles kept fogging up, and I had to stop multiple times in the Hudson to clear them off which slowed me down and probably added to the amount of Hudson River I swallowed. So, I need some new goggles and these goggles by Sporti are super cheap and the reviews say the anti-fog really works. I will be buying these for myself if the magic elves (my mom) don’t get them for me.

Nicoles picks:

Garmin Forerunner 10

Garmin Forerunner 10: I am the worst at pacing. THE WORST. I have no idea if I am running too fast/slow until I hit a mile and MayMyRun starts talking. The Garmin Forerunner 10 comes in 6 lovely colors.I borrowed Katie’s watch for a tempo run and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use. I was able to speed up or slow down before it was too late!



nathan waterbottle

Nathan’s Quick View Hydration Pack: If you live in a city like I do, chances are you have multiple keys to get into your home –1 to get into the building’s vestibule, 1 to get into the actual building, 2 to get into your apartment, plus whispering the secret password in parseltongue.  Those little pockets on the back of running pants were not made for city-life keys. When repeatedly ringing the buzzer for my boyfriend to let me in from the cold got old, I had to search for better storage options. I found Nathan’s Quick View Hydration Pack at a local running store and I have used it on every run since. It carries my phone, keys, chapstick, and license/cash and still remains comfortable to hold while running.



yurbudsYurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro Performance Fit Sport Earphones: You guys. I sweat like a beast. None of that “I don’t sweat, I glow” crap. I drip. If you get too close, I will drip on you. My regular earbuds often fall out and make a crackling and popping noise in my ears due to the sweat that has pooled there. I have these Yurbuds on my wishlist because they were designed by athletes for athletes.  They claim to be sweat-proof, water-proof, and will stay put. Has anyone tried these?



sweaty bang

Sweaty Bands: I have posted previously about how finding the perfect racing outfit is serious business. To finish your look, you need Sweaty Bands. The accessorizing possibilities are endless and they really don’t move when you run!




find your happy pace

Race Medal & Bib Holder: Medals are wonderful but when you no longer have room for them to hang on your closet door knob, it is time to display them loud and proud on a medal holder! This is a great gift because the holder can be customized for your favorite runner!

Katie’s picks


I do not enjoy running in the cold, but it’s a necessary evil especially with all the winter races I continue to register for. The warmest base layer I’ve found is the Craft Active Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirt. It’s lightweight, moisture wicking so it keeps you dry and so warm I’ve started sweating immediately after getting dressed.






A foam roller is a great gift idea for any athlete and the Trigger Point Grid Stick Foam Roller is my new favorite. It’s the perfect option for your office or to pack with you on racing trips.





Road-IDI’m a superstitious runner and became more superstitious after moving to the city where you have to dodge taxis, tourists and cyclists along my run. The Road ID is the best way to carry your ID, DOB and your emergency contact information in a small and comfortable bracelet. The Road ID comes in a variety of forms for every athlete. I have the Wrist ID and my father has the Shoe ID.



SHIELD-MAX-JACKET-619033_388_A_PREMAs I mentioned before, I do not like running in the winter. I’ve been searching for the perfect winter running jacket and I have finally found it. The Nike Shield Max Women’s Jacket is everything you’ll ever need in a jacket: lightweight, moisture wicking, water resistant, thumb holes (YES – THUMB HOLES) to keep your sleeves down so you can wear gloves without worrying about your skin ever being exposed to the outdoor elements, three zip pockets (including one in the back), a hood with a drawstring so it’s the perfect fit, AND a built in face mask. It’s worth every penny. Yes, mom. That’s a hint.



born to runI first read Born to Run while training for my second marathon and it changed my perspective on training, long runs, the history of running and running shoes. It’s a great read for anyone who’s trying to get motivated to begin a training plan or who needs motivation to get through a tough training season.

What’s on your list this year? Let us know in the comments section!

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