Race Review: HoBOOken 5k

Hoboken, NJ

October 25th, 2014

HoBOOken is a Halloween themed race where dressing up is encouraged, Thus began the search to find the perfect costume to run in.

Finding THE race outfit is serious business in general. You don’t want to look too matchy matchy like you tried too hard but you also don’t want to look like you threw on your last clean running tights and a shirt that smells somewhat passable. I usually buy a new outfit before big races. Right about now, all of you seasoned runners are probably screaming NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY!!! But hey, I am still building my racing wardrobe so I get a free pass for the next few months. If I chaff because of a new sports bra, you have my full permission to yell “I told you so.”

Searching for the perfect costume for HoBOOken 5k was no less serious. I decided I wanted to be a superhero, because, well, who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero when they run. I bought a Supeman shirt that has a cape and the bonus of built in abs! Then the shopping madness started. I visited several stores to find blue running tights. No, not that blue, that has purple tones. Too light, too dark, too shiny. I could give Goldilocks a run for her money. After failing to find what I was looking for in a store, I scoured the internet and settled on a pair of men’s running tights. The blue was exactly the shade I was looking for but when I took them out of the package, I swear they were meant for a child. Thankfully, the pants are stretchy and fit! My next dilemma was the tutu. The first wasn’t fluffy enough and would have tangled between my legs as I was running because it hung too low. The second tutu was the winner. The ideal amount of fluff, didn’t fly between my legs while running, and the price was right. Every runner should have a racing tutu. You never know when you’ll need it.


Saturday’s weather was perfect for running. It was a bit chilly before we started but as soon as we took off the sun and run warmed me up. I started off running with Katie. Katie is about 4 minutes/mile faster than I am. I don’t know what I was thinking. I kept up with her for half a mile and then released her from my turtle-like speed. When I run, I barter with myself: one more lamp post, run to the tree, just make it to that trash can and I can take a walking break. Since this was a costumed 5k, people watching became a sport. I picked characters to beat. Can Superman kick a ninja turtle’s butt? I think so. That fairy over there? She ain’t got nothing on me. I cannot let the guy wearing a box out run me. The more butts I kicked, the faster I ran and pretty soon I was back at Pier A and sprinting towards the finish line.

You guys. I PR’d. In a tutu. 34:21. 4 minutes and 5 seconds faster than my first 5k. Behold, the power of the tutu.

Race Stats

Race price: 5  $22.50-$35, Option for charity bib @ $100

Race Organization: 3  Bib pick up was a bit chaotic but I did go on the first day. Organizers directed us to the start line and volunteers kept us on course.

Level of Communication from race organizers: 4 Not overwhelming with emails, Just enough to know where and when I had to be.

Race Course: 4 Flat course, out and back. Beautiful view of the city

Swag (in the race packet): 2 Not all swag bags are created equal. Men’s deodorant, protein bar, coupons for % off local restaurants, fliers for local running teams. Katie received a water bottle in her swag bag.

T-shirt: 3  Long sleeve cotton shirt

Medal: 0 No Medal 😦

Post-Race Swag: 2 Standard water, bagels, and bananas. Also had yogurt and orange juice, which they were out of when I reached the table

Spectator Support: 3 Families came out to support their costumed loved ones. Our boyfriends/husbands came out to watch. Some boyfriends were cooler and ran the race

 Overall Rating: 3

4 thoughts on “Race Review: HoBOOken 5k

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  2. Hello! Just came by to check out the blog. Sweet! Also this sounds fun. Maybe I can do a 5K before Christmas pending serious injuries/illnesses (October is usually kind of bad for me with that kind of stuff…). Right now I’m literally DOUBLE your speed. I do about 1.8 miles in 30 min., that’s with walking in between though. I’m only halfway through C25K. I hope to reach you one day. Then maybe we can do a few together! I’d love that!


    • Hi Chelsea! I would love to run a 5K with you! Speed doesn’t matter! You are still lapping every one on the couch! It’s important that you are just getting up and moving! Let’s pick a race and do it together! I’m proud of you and your progress!!!


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